Experimental and previous versions

Alpha Beta Versions

You may download the Alpha version here.
It provides no guarantee, and customer service (in Makeblock) does not apply to alpha versions.
Thus using this version in your class is highly unrecommended.
But you are welcomed to try out new features / bug fixes in this version.

No Beta versions available.

Linux Early Preview

Read notes about mBlock for Linux early preview

Previous Versions

If you find problems with the current version which works in the previous versions,
you may access the downloads here. But they are no longer maintained, and no customer service will be provided on previous versions.

Windows XP Special Version: mBlock 3.4.2 beta2 Windows Download
This version uses a special Arduino distribution, that may compile programs that otherwise do not work in Windows XP.
Generally, Windows XP is not supported. Since there is no Arduino version perfectly works with Windows XP while having all the features needed by mBlock.

mBlock 3.4.1 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.4.0 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.8 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.7 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.4 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.3 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.2 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.1 Mac Windows

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