Windows Download

Version 3.4.0
Supports windows XP
Windows 7 and above recommended

Mac Download

Version 3.4.0
Latest OSX

Experimental and previous versions

Alpha Beta Versions

You may download the Alpha version here.
It provides no guarantee, and customer service (in Makeblock) does not apply to alpha versions.
Thus using this version in your class is highly unrecommended.
But you are welcomed to try out new features / bug fixes in this version.

3.4.1 Alpha1 For Windows
Added support of Microsoft Cognitive Service
Now "List" block section won't be messed up if you run your program and switch between block sections.
Now "(Hardware) button pressed" will be hidden in the Arduino mode.
Now there will be a release log when a new version is detected.
An "Arduino Mode Only" note is added to the IR blocks in mBot Ranger and Orion
Now new projects will have the same name as the program opens.
Now the stage won't be opened under the Arduino Mode.
Now "Clear Cache" command will prompt to restart mBlock.
Now opening an existing project won't come up with "unsaved project" prompt.
Added translation for the "Save As..." dialog.

Previous Versions

If you find problems with the current version which works in the previous versions,
you may access the downloads here. But they are no longer maintained, and no customer service will be provided on previous versions.

mBlock 3.3.8 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.7 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.4 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.3 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.2 Mac Windows
mBlock 3.3.1 Mac Windows

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