The educational programming software that knows teacher better in the Age of AI


Programming software designed for STEAM education

Scratch 3.0-inspired


Switch to Python with one click


Support open-source hardware

Extension Center

The Scratch 3.0 inspired graphical programming language

Scratch is a programming software tool that is designed by MIT and is one of the most popular programming languages for children. It makes programming as easy as building blocks.  


Go to Python with one-click

You can view the Python codes behind the blocks with one-click and write codes on the Python editor. With several lines of codes, children can easily control Scratch sprites and robots to perform impressive tasks.

An integration of hardware and software makes it fun to learn to code

The integration allows children to turn their codes into real effects of light and sound and  makes programming visible in the physical world.

From this, students feel fulfilled and develop a stronger passion for programming. 

Apart from Makeblock robots, mBlock 5 is also compatible with other open-source hardware like Arduino and micro: bit.

The AI feature is easy to pick up, easy to teach and welcomes creativity

With Microsoft cognitive services and Google deep learning feature, mBlock 5 has the power to expose children to AI technologies and let them easily understand the fundamentals of AI through games and applications.

Teach students with IoT service and help them create in daily life

The cloud service is specially designed for IoT teaching and puts multiple IoT applications into the hands of children. In this way, students are able to sharpen their understanding of IoT through scenes of daily life.

Custom extension center allows you to personalize features

Anyone can program on the editor to add extension features and make mBlock 5 compatible with more applications, services and hardware.

There are 130 + extensions designed by enthusiasts around the world and available for all the other users.

“A program that lets users easily control their robots’ movements by dragging and dropping pre-loaded commands.”


“Younger children can start out with graphical programming and move on to text-based programming as they become more advanced.”

——Economic Times

“mBlock is a programming system customized for children. It is fairly simple and easy to use.”