What can you do with mBlock?


Scratch-style programming

Based on Scratch 2.0, the easiest graphical programming software in the world developed by MIT Media Lab. Nice interface and easy for everyone.

Rich hardware support

Like Arduino Uno, Arduino leonardo boards, Arduino Nano, Arduino Mega128-, Arduino Mega 2560, PicoBoard, mCore (Based on Arduino Uno), and etc.

Real-time code generator

Perfect for every beginner to switch from graphical programming to text-based programming

All-in-one easy-to-use solution

No additional helper app. The package contains everything to start working including Arduino driver, Arduino IDE, etc.

Modular and expandable

Adding extensions support for new platforms and boards will be straightfoward.


The current version is available in more than 12 languages, but the user and the community can contribute to more translations.

Over 100 optimizations to Scratch 2.0 wait for you to explore!