Release Logs

V5.4.0 November 24, 2021

  • Fix the problem that the google account cannot be logged in

V5.2.0 January 21, 2020

  • Added new devices including Raspberry Pi Camera, Arduino Nano, Arduino Leonardo, Arduino Yun, Arduino Micro, DJI Tello, Orion, 2.4G mBot
  • Merged over 150 Arduino Extensions from mBlock 3 to mBlock 5. Added new block extensions. mBlock 5 extension center now has 500+ extensions in total.
  • Added Search box for extension center.
  • Added new languages, including Persian, Vietnamese, Czech, Catalan.
  • Added block Help documentation to help users quickly learn how to use the blocks. Right-click on blocks to access Help documentation.
  • Added shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + ←/→” to easily expand/shrink the scripts area. Easier for users to focus on coding.

V5.1 July 01, 2019

  • UI interface improved: Scripts area is enlarged and brighter colors are used;
  • 18 new HaloCode example programs, involving AI, IoT and more;
  • Regularly used devices can be set to appear each time you open the software;
  • Import and export sprites, and share code across projects;
  • Export coding blocks as images, making sharing and classroom preparation easier ;
  • International version supports sign in with Google accounts and share projects to Google Classroom;
  • Better compatibility with Scratch to seamlessly import more projects from Scratch;
  • Extension Center is unlocked to allow users to create their own extensions blocks;
  • Add Data Chart and Google Sheet, enabling users to collect real-time data through sensors and visualize data;
  • Support new devices: HaloCode + 12 mbuild sensors, NovaPi, MegaPi Pro, Ultimate2.0;
  • Support new extensions: Data Chart, Google Sheet, Translation,  Text to Speech, Motion Sensing, User Cloud Broadcast, Upload Mode Broadcast and more;
  • Bugs fixed for a stable experience.

GA(General Availability)February 01, 2019

  • New Costume Center feature makes positioning more accurate.
  • New Online Translation Update feature allows users to quickly obtain the latest translations. All you need is the access to Internet.
  • mBlock now can identify your system default language. So you can skip the language setting when you install mBlock for the first time.
  • Updated on-screen prompts. You can quickly troubleshoot the problems when you are connecting devices, uploading code, or updating firmware.
  • Optimized autocomplete feature facilitates advanced programming learning.
  • Improved local file icons, the console in the Python editor and Help menu, etc.
  • A considerable amount of bugs fixed and more stable software performance.

Bluetooth 4.0  December 18, 2018

  • You can connect mBot and Ranger to mBlock via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Better performance in filtering serial ports; “Show all connectable devices” option available

RC3  November 14, 2018

  • Compatible with motionblock. Using mBlock PC, you can program motionblock to grab items, shoot balls, move like animals and do more things. (Makeblock HaloCode will be supported soon. Stay with us!)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connection available for mBot and Ranger. (More devices will support Bluetooth 4.0 connection soon!)

RC  November 05, 2018  

  • Compatible with more open-source hardware (Arduino Mega2560、Arduino Uno)
  • Support new languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian, Finnish
  • Newly added emotion blocks for Codey Rocky (How to add the emotion blocks: Find the emotion extension in the Extension Center and click on the icon “+”.)
  • Allows users to program Codey Rocky to perform tasks without uploading the programs to the device. You can use broadcasts, global variables and lists to make Codey Rocky interact with the stage. Note:You need to turn off the Upload mode first if you want to communicate with Codey Rocky using broadcasts and variables.

mBlock Beta.5.2

Hotfix version: Fixed some blocks bugs in the Beta 5.

mBlock Beta.5   September 17 ,2018

  • Newly support multiple languages.
  • Allow you to customize design resources. Use them to make your creation unique!
  • Upload audio files to add sound effects to your creation.
  • You can make a list for the stage. Try to spice up your creation!
  • 1000+ design resources newly added. Pick whatever you want!
  • Quickly locate the one you want by category, among an ocean of resources!
  • Blocks for Codey updated. You can add more capabilities to Codey.

mBlock Beta.4

What’s new in Beta 4:

  • mBlock 5 Web. You can program on web without installing the software.
  • Projects Management. The My Project feature allows you to easily manage your mBlock files.
  • Cloud storage. After you sign in, your projects will be uploaded to the cloud automatically, so you can sync your files to mBlock 5 App and mBlock 5 Web.  
  • Projects Community. You can share projects in the Community or repost the projects to WeChat from the Community.  
  • The Extension Center has a new “IR Remote” feature for Codey Rocky. Using an external IR remote and coding blocks, you can make your Codey Rocky do whatever you like.  

What’s upgraded in Beta 4:

  • Newly-added 700+ source materials in the Sprites Library and Backgrounds Library.
  • You can duplicate the commands of a sprite to another sprite by dragging blocks.
  • You can directly drag new costumes to add elements to your sprites.
  • By right clicking blocks, you can leave “Notes” for your coding blocks, helping other people understand how your code works.
  • When editing costumes, you can copy costumes or change the order of costumes.
  • You can remove any uploaded contents that you don’t need from “My Sprites/Costumes/Backgrounds”.

mBlock Beta.3.1

  • Now Codey can work with Neuron to have more fun!
  • Fixed the bug that you can not use “My Blocks” of devices

mBlock Beta.2

  • New language support for Traditional Chinese and Japanese
  • Release Classroom Management platform
  • You can sign in with your Teacher/Student accounts.
  • You can also sign in with WeChat and QQ accounts.
  • New blocks added for mBot and Ranger
  • Bug fixes and improved stability.

mBlock Beta.1

  • Users can use Python to program sprites
  • Support program for mBot, both with or without upload the program
  • Users can upload images to use as sprites
  • View the corresponding code of Python while programming Blocks

mBlock Alpha.9

  • Support Chinese names for Variable and Broadcast
  • You can restore Codey to factory settings
  • Fixed some bugs

mBlock Alpha.8

  •  We optimized the way to connect your device. This time, you will only find those valid devices available for programming(like Codey) in the COM list; and you can check if your device has been correctly connected from the on-screen prompt. In the past, you might feed programs you had written for Codey to other robots or even to your mouse. However, you don’t worry about it anymore now!
  •  Applause! Welcome new members to our mBlock family, Neuron and micro:bit! In the sprite list, you will find two more sprites, right, Neuron and micro:bit. All you need to do is to have some fun with them and we hope they can serve you well. However, we are still testing the two adds-on, so please stay with us if you run into some trouble. We promise you that we will try our best( well, try our best to push coders…)forever!
  •  We customized an Extension Center just for you! In the Extension Center, you can freely add or delete all the programming blocks, such as AI, IoT. If you need the block, take it now! If you don’t want it? Ok, delete it anytime. The interface is clear and well ordered.
  • BIG NEWS!! We have a new function for you, which is Deep Learning! You can add the Deep Learning function at the bottom-left corner. With the camera, you can teach your computer to recognize various figures. Sounds easy? Yes, just as easy as training your pets. When the model is well trained, you can use the model in your program. In this way, you can interact with the computer, which is so funny and intelligent.
  • 12 Examples programs are added for Codey Rocky. You can give your Codey Rocky endless possibilities with one-click. Now, click Examples Programs in the File menu to get inspired.
  • Add A Beginner’s Guide. If you are a beginner in using the mBlock, you can get access to Beginner’s Guide in the Help menu. You can find some well-designed guidelines there, which will make it easy for you to get a quick start.

mBlock Alpha.7

  • Fixed a problem that the communication plugin is blocked by anti-virus software
  • Now users can use custom blocks in Sprite “Codey”

mBlock Alpha.6

  • Added most function of Codey Rocky
  • Supported python program of Codey Rocky, and switched freely from block-based programming to Python
  • Supported IoT such as data collection from Codey, viewed on the cloud servicesweather data acquisition from the network, IFTTT and other functions. 
  • Added AI service. Together with Microsoft Recognitive Service, you can create AI application by speech and emotion recognition functions.
  • Integrated functions of Scratch 3.0.
  • Upgrade automatically.
  • Detect and upgrade the firmware of Codey automatically.

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