mBlock 3 legacy and old Beta versions

Last modified date: Nov. 1st, 2019

We’ve listed out mBlock 3’s legacy versions and old Beta versions. As required by a part of users’ needs, we keep the legacy versions here just in case you might need them. Issues that happened in the legacy and Beta version have been resolved in the latest version of mBlock. (Find the lastest version mBlock 5 here>>)

We suggest you use the latest version mBlock 5 since the legacy versions are no longer maintained. If there is any feedback please feel free to let us know.

Legacy versions of mBlock 3

mBlock 3.4.11     Mac    Windows

mBlock 3.4.10     Mac    Windows

mBlock 3.4.8       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.4.5       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.4.0       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.3.8       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.3.7       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.3.4       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.3.3       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.3.2       Mac     Windows

mBlock 3.3.1                    Windows


Legacy versions of mBlock 4


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