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Block-based programming language based on Scratch 3.0

Based on Scratch, one of the most popular programming languages for children, mblock 5 has a great user experience. You can easily get started by dragging and dropping blocks.

Achieve real-world impacts by programming the popular hardware

mBlock 5 makes it easy to write and upload programs to Makeblock robots, Arduino boards, micro:bit, etc. Children will find it more fulfilling to learn to program by blending physical and digital interaction with mblock 5.

Switch to Python, pick up a practical programming language

With just one click, you can convert block-based scripts to Python code. Besides, our Python editor is perfect for writing Python code to your hardware and helps you develop a deeper level of programming capability.

The easiest way for children to get to know AI 

mBlock 5 supports AI-functionality including voice and face recognition, mood sensing, etc. Children have the most fun and easiest way of getting familiar with one of the fundamental technologies of the 21st century.

Connect the future with Internet of Things

Use mBlock 5 to add Internet of Things functionality to Codey Rocky and other hardware. You can explore on smart cities, control home appliances, creat smart devices, and achieve much more! We are committed to make it easier to get started with IoT.