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Mac OS

V3.4.11 Latest OSX recommended

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Windows 7 and above


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Windows XP


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Chrome OS

Use with Chromebooks



Supports Debian and Ubuntu Linux

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Developed based on Scratch 2.0

Programming is easy to master as building blocks. Dragging the blocks to the editing area, you can create funny games, stories and animations easily.

Strong hardware support

It interacts with makeblock main control board and other Arduino based hardware, allowing users to easily create interactive intelligent applications.

Text programming language learning

You can view both the Arduino source changes in real-time and the graphical blocks corresponding to the C language code, so that you can process a smooth transition to code programming.

Support multi-operating system

Support support Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook system; support web programming, and no require local software installation.

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Strong supporting instruction

We provide free tutorials for getting start with, multi-language courses and teaching resources for Steam. #arduino download #coding robots for kids #scratch download #scratch 2.0 #kids programming language #how to make games on scratch #scratch 3.0

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