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Great Hardware Compatibility

mBlock 5 is compatible with most of Makeblock robots, and supports plenty of open source hardware, like micro:bit, Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega2560 and more. What’s even better is that mBlock 5 allows users to create fun AI and IoT projects.  

Whether you are to control your hardware, or are programming a robot to interact with the stage, or to upload programs to your robot, mBlock 5 is exactly the one that will help you out.       


My Story with mBlock

Some great moments with mBlock 5  


A 6-year-old Coder

Qiuqiu started playing with robots since 6 years old and shows great passion for them. It is exactly his passion that helped him quickly master the basics of programming and earned himself lots of awards. 

Go to School with My Robot

The boy has a habit: he takes his favorite robot with him wherever he goes. Whenever he gets an idea, he will take out the robot and starts programming it, even when he’s in a subway station. So, who’s this boy?  

STEAM Education Support

mBlock 5 focuses on offering educators better STEAM education support.

Teacher training

Education solutions

Classroom management tool

World competitions

Join us to create with 7,000,000 makers around the world.

mBlock 5 is used in more than 20,000 thousand schools and training centers. We strive to offer you a coding tool that could be both entertaining and easy to pick up.

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