What is mBlock?

mBlock is a STEAM programming software tool designed for programming for kids. It is developed based on Scratch 3.0 and Arduino code.  It supports block-based and text-based programming languages.

mBlock also provides software programming services, software design services and maintenance of computer software services in the education of programming for those who want to promote their programming abilities.

With mBlock, children can not only create games and animations by dragging blocks or using Python code, but can also code robots or boards to do anything they can imagine. And mBlock exposes children to cutting-edge technologies, allowing children to create projects with technologies like AI and IoT. Moreover, in the mBlock Community, children are able to share projects and learn from the like-minded.

1.Based on Scratch 3.0,start programming easily.

Scratch is a programming tool developed by MIT and is credited as the most globally influential programming language for children. Based on Scratch 3.0 and Arduino code, mBlock is versatile and user-friendly enough to offer you whatever Scratch can give. And it’s quite easy to pick up because you can code simply by dragging and dropping blocks.

2. Go to Python with one-click.   

With mBlock , users can easily switch to Python with one-click. After students grasp how to program with blocks, they can effortlessly move on to Python. You don’t have to switch between software because mBlock allows you to write code directly in its Python editor. The transition is just seamless.

3.A mix of software and robots makes it fun to learn coding.

mBlock  allows users to program robots to do anything they can imagine. By showing the outcomes of coding in the physical world, we attempt to keep students engaged in learning code and bring them senses of fulfillment. Also, mBlock brings diversity into classrooms because it has the power that enables educators and students to turn different ideas into reality.

4. Give your creativity an edge with cutting-edge technologies, like AI .

mBlock  integrates Microsoft cognitive services and Google deep learning into one tool. With these features, children can program to add more capabilities to mBlock , like age guessing or playing rock-paper-scissors games. We just hope to make it easier for children to master the fundamentals of AI.

5. Create in a physical world with IoT applications.

mBlock comes with the cloud service that is designed for IoT teaching. By working with robots or electronic modules, you can take advantage of the feature to create fun projects, like Weather Report, Autonomous Plant Watering Robot and Smart Lighting. For students, the best way to learn about IoT is to see how it works in real life.


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