Guide of Using mBlock Extension Builder (Case Study Included)

We’ve just created mBlock Extension Builder for anyone to program their own devices or create any mBlock 5 extension. It’s a flexible and powerful platform that is free for anyone to create and manage their own devices and extensions. Published projects will be listed in mBlock software after approval and used by 8 million mBlock users around the world!

In this article, I will show you the main steps of how to use mBlock Extension Builder.
The main content includes:

· Login to mBlock Extension Builder

· Case study 1 – 4 steps to add and program your own device (Example: Arduino Uno)

· Case study 2 – How to create your own extension (Example: HaloCode)

· Preview and test your configurations of device/extension

· Publish your device/extension after approval




Login to mBlock Extension Builder

  1. Open the URL:

  2. Login with mBlock international account (Sign up an account)

  3. Once logged in to the mBlock Extension Builder, you would see the main user interface.

login to mblock extension builder platform




Case study 1 – 4 steps to add and program your own device (Example: Arduino Uno)

  1. Add your device to the platform and set up the basic information
  2. Select “My Device” under “My Plugin”
  3. Click “Add device” and fill in the basic information. Click “OK” to save your device information

add device to mBlock extension builder












4. Configure different settings for your device. Now you’re free to configure various settings for your device, including block settings, connection settings, firmware settings, etc..

 mBlock extension builder device setting












Case study 2 – How to create your own extension (Example: HaloCode)

  1. Set up the basic information for the extension you are about to create
  2. Select “My Extension” under “My Plugin”
  3. Click “Add extension” and fill in the basic information
  4. Select a published device or sprite for the extension
  5. Click “OK” to save your extension information

mBlock extension builder add extension












6. Configure different settings for your device. Now you’re free to configure different settings for the extension, including settings of blocks, common code, custom widgets, etc..

 mBlock extension builder extension settings













Preview and test your configurations of device/extension
Both device and extension configurations testing share the same steps as down blow.
Take device configurations testing for example:

Click “Preview” to publish and review your configurations. After publishing, you can test it on mBlock web in a new tab window.

mBlock extension builder preview and test














If you’d like to test it on mBlock PC version, download the configuration file (.mext) and drag the file to the software for testing.

mBlock extension builder download file














Publish your device/extension after approval

Since published projects will be listed in mBlock 5 software, we need to review all the projects in order to provide our users with quality devices/extensions. So once you’ve done configuring your device/extension, publish your project after approval.
Our support team will review the extensions within 7 business days. Once the extension is approved, it will be automatically published.

Follow the steps below to publish and submit your device/extension for approval:
(Since Device and extension submission both share similar steps as well, I’m going to take device submission for example.)

  1. Select “Device Management” under “Publish Service” menu.
  2. Select “Publish new device”. Enter the device ID “arduino_uno”. Select the project and click “OK”.

mBlock extension builder publish device










3. Once the project is successfully published, you can easily track the approval status on the “Device Management” dashboard.

mBlock extension builder check project review result












To check the details of submission feedback, click the project to enter the project page. Click “Open” to check all the review result.
If the project is rejected, edit your project according to our review feedback and submit for approval again.

mBlock extension builder check submission approval










Since mBlock Extension Builder is just released, we are still working on improving the platform to provide you the best user experience.

Please let us know in the Makeblock forum when you need any help. Our developers would be thrilled to help you out!

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