Volunteer translators recruitment

Translators recruitment

As of today, mBlock has reached over 15 million educators, learners, and educators, and used in over 140 countries, more than 20000 schools. With the great support from voluntary translators worldwide, mBlock products have been translated into 34 language versions, and are well received by users across the world.

However, there are still some languages that are not available yet. Therefore, we would be very appreciative if you can help us localize mBlock so that people from your country can make the best out of it.

What we need:

  1. Translators: translate the strings of mBlock products into your native language. We need 2 or 3 translators for each language project.
  2. Proofreader: proofread and approve the translated strings. We need one proofreader for each language project.

We need you to:

  1. Be a native speaker of your language and excellent in English.
  2. Have time to translate and meet the deadlines.

Steps for being a translator or a proofreader:

  1. Know how to use the localization platform, Crowdin. Here’s a guide for you: How to join in? 
  2. Register and click Join the project. You might need to wait until the administer accepts your request.
  3. You can translate the strings on the online editor, leave comments on existing translations and have a discussion with other translators.
  4. Proofreaders need to edit the translated strings and give your approval.

By joining our translation team, you can work with people from different countries and bring the fun of creation to more corners of the world.

Our ongoing projects:

mBlock 5(PC & web vesion)

mBlock APP (Mobile app)

mBlock Python editor

Laserbox for mCreate


Thank-you list

We sincerely thank the following translators for their invaluable help, and we hope more people will join us in the future. Click here for the full translator list >>

Traditional Chinese: 馮晨桓(EddieFeng) 邱信仁(Hunter Chiou) 余奕德 周泰民

Japanese: Cherry Yi, Jelly Ran, Mami Higashino, Soko Morikawa, Hironao Kukita

Korean: hansh, Hyunseok Ko, Yeonji_Jo, Seok Jeon Kim

Indonesian: Erwin, Halley

Vietnamese: Ngoc Khuu,, GetUpDo, vthanh

Ukrainian: Viktor Korotukha

Polish: Grzegorz.Troszynski, Sylwester Zasoński, Bain Doe

Russian: Роман Мартынюк, Павел Цыганов, Filalex71

Persian: Fatemeh Shahbazi, anary, a.madadi

Hebrew: 22stores, avishai.yacobi, arduino12, gilor, zsuraski 

Arabic: Mazin Al Saadi, Slimane1995

Turkish: Serbay KÖSECİ, tamersolmaz, Muhammed Boğatekin, tokumaci, Onur Hakan Başıyiğit

Turkmen: Vladislav Sorokin, Serdar Garryyew

Catalan: Víktor Bautista i Roca

Croatian: Blecky

Czech: Jirmed, Ladislave Dolezal, lgeisler, Majda Křepelová, Tomáš Kozel

Italian: Luca, Maurizio Codogno, Tiwi90, Anna Mundi, Stefano DalCin

Finnish: Tutakala

Dutch: Elbert Epping, Bernard Pauwels, Jimmyvangessel, Jurgen Gaeremyn, omar el, TBerendsen, Tom_Eurofysica

Norwegian: Asgeir Enersen, Jorgen Grell Lykken,

French: Alexis Granger, Jean Reynaud, Jeyce, joachimhgg, cho7, Morokot, Andre Bernot, Thomas Fournier, ViKh

German: Angelina Daum, https://www.brickobotik.de/, Boecker

Basque: Karlos Sukunza Pagola

Spanish: Jose Pimentel