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Data Chart Extension - Cover Thumbnails

3 Updates to mBlock Data Chart Block Extension

In order to provide more possibilities for teaching and learning data science, recently we’ve updated mBlock Data Chart Extension by supporting uploading data from.CSV file, chart rendering speed control, and adding new chart types.


In-app case tutorials and review status notification – mBlock Extension Builder Update V1.3.5

In the latest version of mBlock Extension Builder, there are a couple of improvements to help create mBlock 5 extensions easier. Starting today, you can see case tutorials and extension review status after logging to the mBlock Extension Builder. New features snapshot: Added in-app tutorials in “View Demo” as detailed references for on-boarding Added in-app notification on extension review status Added entrance for users to write block description to help get started with your blocks Optimized…

mBlock 3 will no longer be available on the latest macOS and Chrome

mBlock 3 will no longer be available on the latest macOS and Chrome mBlock 3 has played a critical part in hardware programming or teaching STEAM for a long time since 2014. We know that some of our users are still using mBlock 3. But using mBlock 3 web editor and mBlock 3 Mac desktop version might be tricky as the technology evolves.  Due to Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020,…