Top 5 Tips to Make Your Child a Creative Genius

Top 5 Tips to Make Your Child a Creative Genius

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The a group of top professionals from MIT initiated Lifelong Kindergarten group. They came together to develop new technologies and activities to help kids build the STEAM skills that they will need in the future.

After detailed research, they came up with 5 tips to develop creativity and skills about programming for kids.

Tips 1: Provide Kids with Buildable Toys

Parents can encourage their kids to become creative by providing buildable toys. This helps kids develop their creative expression. These kinds of toys can fundamentally change the way kids think.

Space and time are important for developing creative skills, so parents can provide a space for painting or a corner for playing with building materials [how to make games on scratch]. With mBlock’s educational programming software, youngsters can create engaging stories, games, and animations. They can also learn to program hardware like Makeblock robots, Arduino, and micro:bit.

Tips 2: Try STEAM Kits to Help Kids Express Their Creativity

Using kits with computerized buildings blocks allows kids to create their own interactive stories. The learning process involved in using these kits to build projects is one of the top ways to foster creativity.

Tips 3: Tapping into a Child’s Intelligence to Promote Creativity

Many people think that creativity is a talent that kids are born with.

In fact, it is a skill that kids can develop with support from their parents. The forms of creativity are not limited by music and art. However, creativity is limited only by the imagination.

Creativity is certainly essential for math, science, and social intelligence. People with this skill are more flexible and better at critical thinking. In other words, they know how to take advantage of new opportunities. The new kind of educational, programmable “toys” such as mBlock 5 can help children build creativity through fun learning experiences, so it is the ideal toy for programming for kids.

Tips 4:  Encourage Kids to Use Imaginal Thinking

Encourage kids to open their minds and let them believe they can will make their own dreams come true. Imaginal thinking gives kids more ideas and opportunities to move forward, such as program their own robot friend.

Tips 5: Help Kids Keep Up with Advanced Technologies

The newly developed mBlock 5 makes the creative learning experience fun and useful.

Kids can learn and practice the Python coding language to play with their coding robots, and experience AI technology, which will be an essential technological skill to master for these next-generation kids.

The mBlock 5 combines a series of new, advanced technologies, and makes programming as easy as moving building blocks. And with dozens of extensions to download, kids are able to learn science, technology, engineering, art, and math through creative learning experiences and go on to build better communities in the future.

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