Scratch Blocks

Scratch Blocks

Scratch Blocks were developed by the Scratch team in collaboration with Google. The Scratch team has provided a graphical programming block library for building creative computer interfaces.

Kids Programming Language

In addition to supporting Scratch itself, the goal and approach of the Scratch team to promoting coding and learning is the same. Scratch Blocks are designed using the Scratch team's deep experience in designing creative and intuitive interfaces for young learners, and Scratch Block's underlying code is based on Google's Blockly. The Scratch team has created a new partnership with Google. Which focus on helping other developers create high-quality coding experiences for children. Google's network of contacts with software developers will support the dissemination of Scratch Blocks.

Scratch Blocks is a new generation of graphical programming modules developed in collaboration with Google and  developers of children's products will widely adopted it. Scratch, meanwhile, shares a common vision of coding with Google. The purpose of coding is not just to have a technical skill but to give children and adults the ability to imagine, invent, and explore. To make it easy for developers to integrate blocks of code into the applications, games, and toys they create for children. So the underlying code for grabbing blocks is provide as open source.

You can use Scratch Blocks outside the Scratch online coding environment. Since the Scratch Block team's goal is to provide a coding language that more children can use across devices. You can easily implement it across many other programs.

Scratch APP - mBlock

Scratch 3.0

Our lives have become more and more inseparable from science and technology, and the demand for technicians will increase in the future. Therefore, learning to code has become an important aspect of children’s education. Scratch Blocks is a collection of two different programming "grammars" designed over the past decade. The standard Scratch grammar, like LEGO bricks, uses vertically stacked blocks. We develop blocks for toddlers mark with ICONS rather than words, the piece together horizontally rather than vertically. We find that horizontal grammar is not only friendlier to junior programmers. But is more suitable for devices with small screens, like mobile devices.

To do this, mBlock has designed a new lab-coding technique, allowing children to learn robotics inside the program. Besides that, allowing them to start with simple programs and then grow to write extremely complex projects, like creating new games for robots. A block is represent as an action, movement, or animation. It requiring children to find a solution to the specified prompt by moving the block to the correct sequence. The introduction of mBlock helps children develop the logical reasoning skills required for programming.

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