Are You Ready for the Makeblock Hackathon?

Are You Ready for the Makeblock Hackathon?

Aug 18, 2018 | STEAM education |

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A hackathon is a combination of the words “hack” and “marathon” .

Actually, it is a gathering where programmers code collaboratively over a short period of time. The first recorded hackathon was the OpenBSD Hackathon in 1999. It was the first official event with the “hackathon” label.

Today, these marathon brainstorming sessions are usually sponsored by companies and other organizations. In the competition. People work in teams to realize an idea by creating some innovative design, like an app, a robot, or a website. Judges give out prizes for the best design.

The MakeX 2018 World Robotics Contest (WRC)

A few interesting kinds of hackathon have been emerging in the last few years. Some are demographically inclusive, like the MakeX 2018 World Robotics Contest (WRC) hosted by Makeblock. Besides that, it focus on promoting STEAM education for children. This hackathon aims to inspire creativity in kids of all kinds. It including who never has a chance to create, and those waiting for an opportunity to showcase their creativity.


scratch 2.0

From May 19 - 20, the first 2018 MakeX International round concluded successfully in the convention center in Istanbul, Turkey. Over 200 middle- and primary-school students from seven cities around the world battled each other.

Besides that, four of those teams will enter the 2018 MakeX Final in Shenzhen. The Kodla Ardahan team was the middle-school winner, while the Robust Jr. team was the primary-school winner. More over, MakeX aims to become the most influential high-level robotics competition in the world to bridge the gap between STEAM education and its evaluation.


Programming for Kids Competition - Does the hackathon suitable for the kids?

To kids, a hackathon is a fun event that encourages them to solve a challenge related to science, technology, engineering, art, or math (STEAM).

If your kids are preparing for their hackathon, here are a few suggestions to keep things running smoothly.

Firstly, let them know that you don’t need to know everything before begining. Some essential skills would make their hack easie, like version control, deploying and debugging, testing, and presenting. Once they are comfortable with these skills, they can then pitch themselves and find a team in the hackathon and make their best contribution.

scratch 2.0



Also, mBlock (based on scratch 3.0) [scratch 2.0] is the programming tool that kids can use in the MakeX 2018 World Robotics Contest. It is very important that the hardware and software can work together effectively during the programming for kids competition.With mBlock, kids can program the robot directly and conveniently.

The contest cultivates kid's sense of competition, tests their abilities in programming, logical thinking, and resilience. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for kids to have hands-on experience in robot and explore STEAM education. It not only supports the hackathon, but also assists in the teaching activities.

To date, more than 5.6 million people are using mBlock' s STEAM education solutions to teach or learn programming languages such as Scratch, Python and advanced technologies like AI and IoT. mBlock will be your secret weapon to accomplish the hackathon.

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