mBlock Recent Update New AI Block Extension and Stage Axis

As a coding platform designed for STEAM education, mBlock is always committed to providing teachers, students, and makers with the best coding experience. 

In order to improve the user experience, recently we've updated mBlock AI Extension and added Stage Axis. Come and check it out!

Note:In this update, the AI extension is available for both PC and Web, and the Grid and Axis feature is only available for Web.

What's the AI extension?

Some beginners may be wondering, what is the AI extension? What does it do for programming education?

The AI extension of mBlock enables you to use the image, text, speed, and human body recognition, natural language processing, and other functions through Microsoft, Google AI services. It allows students to have more fun with sprite programming.

Control Codey's movements with AI-recognized gestures

It can quickly externalize the impact of programming instruction, giving students an intuitive experience of cutting-edge AI technology, extending the boundaries of programming instruction and teaching more relevant AI knowledge.

AI recognition for garbage sorting

What has the AI extension updated?

AI Extension Update -  Improved Cognitive Service Extension

  • Added voice and text recognition in 8 new languages, including German, Japanese and Korean etc.
  • Added new functions such as hair color recognition, text sentiment analysis recognition, etc.

Note: In order to improve the accuracy of AI recognition, please try to ensure that: the object is complete and stable; the light is moderate; there is no interference near the object.

Note: To update the AI extension in the mBlock PC version, click the green button to update. 

Note: In addition, for mBlock users outside of China, we highly recommend using Microsoft's Cognitive Services.  The AI Service extension is only available in China. There might be some issues when using it outside of China.

Newly added - Added Grid and Axis for Stage

To help the creator position and control the Stage Sprite more accurately, we've added the grid and axis in the mBlock web version.  By using the Grid and Axis, teachers can also use it to teach students more knowledge about the coordinate system.

Above is the whole content of this mBlock update. We will continue to improve mBlock to provide the best user experience. Please let us know in the Makeblock forum if you have any feedback.

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