mBlock Product Update

As a coding platform for STEAM education, mBlock always committed to providing a more professional teaching platform for all programming educators.

This time, we've updated the three products: mLink 2.0, International mBlock Python editor, and mBlock web version.

Come and check out what' s new in this update:

New mLink 2.0 - Supported both mBlock Python editor and block-based editor

In this update, we have passed the macOS security certification, no longer needed to set up macOS 10.15+ software permissions manually. We've added the new main interface this time. The new mLink 2.0 supports both mBlock Python editor and mBlock block-based editor, better than the single-editor support of previous versions. And we have optimized the installation of CH340 as well.

Click Here to Download mLink 2.0

PS: To ensure the normal operation of mLink 2.0, please try to uninstall the old version to avoid running the new and old versions at the same time.

International mBlock Python editor is officially online!

We are about to enter the age of artificial intelligence, as an AI language, Python will become one of the core skills undoubtedly. So mastering Python programming will become increasingly important.

In this update, the international mBlock Python editor is officially online with the following two updates. The first one is the new "Quick Start Guide", which lowers the entry barrier and makes it easier to get started with Python programming. And the other one is the "Python library update hint". Uses will no more worry about the program error due to the hardware library not being updated.

New mBlock Python editor

mBlock web version updated people sprites with multi-ethnic skin color

We've added the multiple looks of people sprites to help represent human diversity.

New mBlock web version

PS:Due to the complex Bluetooth environment on Windows, some devices on the new mBlock web version will no longer support Bluetooth connection. The devices that no longer support Windows Bluetooth connection: Halocode Codey, Cyberpi, mBuild. If you need Bluetooth connection, we recommend you to use v5.2.0 PC version instead. 

The devices that still support Bluetooth connection:mBot, Ranger, Ultimate.

Above is the whole content of this mBlock update. We will continue to improve mBlock to provide the best user experience. Please let us know in the Makeblock forum if you have any feedback.


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