What’s new in recent mBlock update (2019)

What's new in recent mBlock update (2019)

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve just released a new version of mBlock web, introduced in a fresh & sleek new UI, Turbo Mode, and more powerful extensions for users to master programming.

 Here’s a quick overview of our recent update:

1. Brand new UI of mBlock web version
On April 16th, 2019, we have published the new version of mBlock web that comes in a fresh and sleek look. Both the PC and mobile version of mBlock would be very soon updated with the new user interface as well.mBlock new UI

2. New features added in the recent update of mBlock web version

a)  Turbo Mode
With the brand-new feature Turbo Mode, user can fast forward the preview of their project in the stage area. When the Turbo Mode is on, it would run the script created in the project on very high speed.

To use the Turbo Mode, click the "Edit" button on the top of the stage area.
mBlock turbo mode

b) Share projects to Google Classroom (Only supported by mBlock web international version)

Users are now allowed to share their projects created by mBlock web version directly to Google Classroom, empowering educators and students to turn more ideas into reality.

Once logged in to mBlock web, you can easily save and share your project by selecting "Share to..." in the dropdown menu of "File"

c) New and improved extensions in mBlock web version

More extensions are now available in the mBlock web version’s Extension Center, with newly added stage extensions: “Upload Mode Broadcast”, “Data Chart”, “Google Sheets”.

  • Upload Mode Broadcast - allows you to easily interact your device with a sprite
  • Data Chart - data visualization for your works in mBlock by providing 3 different types of chart. (only available on mBlock web )
  • Google Sheets - allows you to get your data exported to Google Sheets. (only available on mBlock web )

mblock new extensions

The new update also improved previous hardware extensions “Arduino Uno” and “Arduino Maga 2560”.

d) New and improved extensions in mBlock PC version
Stage extension “Upload Mode Broadcast” is also introduced in mBlock PC version. Hardware extensions “Arduino Uno” and “Arduino Maga 2560” are improved in PC version as well.

For more details about stage extensions, please check out the documentation:


We hope that you are excited to have the new version in your hands and are looking forward to using it and exploring its new features. The mBlock team is always working towards a new and better release to provide you the best user experience.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on your experience, even if it’s just bug reporting. It’s also very important to us as we continue to improve our product and service.

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