Create your own extensions with mBlock Extension Builder

Create your own extensions with mBlock Extension Builder

mBlock 5 now supports more devices & extensions

We are very excited to announce that we've just released our mBlock Extension Builder that allows anyone to program your own devices and design personalized mBlock 5 extensions. mBlock Extension Builder offers a powerful platform with high flexibility that allows you to quickly support your own device and build yourself a mBlock 5 extension.

mBlock extension builder

mBlock Extension Builder now opens up more possibilities for 8 million users

When we created mBlock 3, we had 200 users who have contributed more than 360 mBlock 3 extensions, including Arduino series, IoT series, IFTTT, etc. that greatly powered up mBlock 3.

Inspired by our beloved users, we now create mBlock Extension Builder for tech enthusiasts, makers, educators, anyone who would like to program their own devices or build their own extensions! Now you can easily create extensions for different devices including all the Makeblock's products, Arduino, micro:bit and many more! Your projects created with our builder will be listed in mBlock software after approval and used by 8 million mBlock users around the world!

Flexible & powerful platform saves you a lot of time & efforts

Instead of building it from scratch, the builder platform offers a visual design interface and parameter settings that save you a lot of time and development efforts. And even if you don't know how to build one, mBlock 5 already supports 11 devices with 51 extensions available in the software.

Since it's just released, we would like all of you to try it out, and any feedback from you would be taken very seriously as we're always dedicated to provide you the best quality product! 

Please let us know in the Makeblock forum when you need any help. Our developers would be thrilled to help you out!

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