mBlock 5 PC Version update: new devices, extensions, languages, and more!

As a coding platform designed for STEAM education, mBlock is always committed to providing teachers, students, and makers with the best coding experience.

On 20th Jan, mBlock 5 PC version (offline version ) V5.2.0 has officially released. The new PC version is updated with all the new features added in the mBlock web version in 2019. 

New features snapshot:

  • Code with more new devices in mBlock 5 PC
  • New extensions & search box for Extension Center
  • New languages supported
  • Help documentations for blocks 
  • Keyboard shortcut for expanding/shrinking the scripts area.

Code with more new devices in mBlock 5 PC

We've updated a lot of new devices in the latest version, including but not limited to devices below: 

  • Raspberry Pi Camera
  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Leonardo
  • Arduino Yun
  • Arduino Micro
  • DJI Tello
  • Orion
  • 2.4G mBot

Check out all the coding robots and devices supported in different mBlock device versions:

Device supportedmBlock 5 web editormBlock PC(Mac & Windows)mBlock mobile
Codey RockyYesYesYes
mBot 2.4GYesYesYes
mBot RangerYesYesYes
Bluetooth ControllerYesYes 
MegaPi ProYesYes 
Nova PiYesYes 
Ultimate 2.0YesYesYes
Arduino UnoYesYes  
Arduino MegaYesYes 
Arduino Mega 2560YesYes 
Arduino NanoYesYes (Newly added!) 
Arduino UnoYesYes 
Arduino YunYesYes (Newly added!) 
Arduino LeonardoYesYes (Newly added!) 
Arduino MicroYesYes (Newly added!) 
micro:bit Yes 
OrionYesYes (Newly added!) 
Raspberry Pi CameraYesYes (Newly added!) 
DJI TelloYesYes (Newly added!) 
Robot BrickOneYesYes 
Vietduino UnoYesYes 
Brain GoYesYes 

New extensions & search box for Extension Center

mBlock 5 extension center now has 500+ extensions in total. In September 2019, we merged over 150 Arduino Extensions from mBlock 3 to mBlock 5. Now you can easily get all the Arduino Extensions in both mBlock 5 PC & web version. These extensions are contributed by our beloved mBlock 3 users. Thank you for all the hard work. Anyone is welcomed to use our Extension Builder to add blocks or create mBlock 5 extensions. (Check out mBlock 5 Extension Builder)

  • 500+ extensions in total as of today. Newly added extensions for NovaPi, Raspberry Pi Camera, and mBot Smart Camera. scratch2 blocks and SSD1306. 
  • Added Search box for extension center that enables users to locate the extension you need quickly. To quickly find the extension you need, type in the keywords in the search box of the Extension center.
mblock 5 extension center search box

New languages supported

mBlock never stops reaching out to more countries around the world. All the languages in mBlock 5 are contributed by our voluntary translators from different countries. However, there are still some languages that are not available yet. We would be very appreciative if you can help us localize mBlock so that people from your country can make the best out of it. (Check out volunteer translators recruitment)

New languages added in this update:

  • Persian
  • Vietnamese
  • Czech
  • Catalan

Help documentations for blocks

In the new version, we've added block Help documentation to help users quickly learn how to use the blocks. Right-click on blocks to access Help documentations.

mblock 5 block help docs

Keyboard shortcut for expanding/shrinking the scripts area

To help you focus on coding, use the shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + ←/→" to expand/shrink the scripts area.

In addition to all the devices and features updated, bugs in the old version are fixed. We've also improved the software performance for better coding experience. 

mblock keyboard shortcut for expanding shrinking

mBlock 5 extensions contributed by users

In May 2019, we officially launched the mBlock 5 extensions builder for users to create block extensions or add devices. As of today, there are over 100 mBlock 5 extensions contributed by our users. Thank you for supporting us and making mBlock possible.

1. Extension: WS2812 Developer: powersstar

2. Extension: 串口通讯 Developer: powersstar

3. Extension: 圓創力通訊擴展 Developer: magic0627

4. Extension: SSD1306 Developer: powersstar

5. Extension: Webhook Extension Developer: chiusammy492

6. Extension: 程小奔--游戏设计 Developer: fanfei

7. Extension: IOP mBot 增能擴展A Developer: magic0627

8. Extension: Serial for mBot Developer: magic0627

9. Extension: HC06 VIETSTEM Developer: duonglucbk

10. Extension: NLT IoT ThingSpeak Developer: enjoyneer2014

11. Extension: TFT_LCD (Arduino) Developer: enjoyneer2014

12. Extension: MeTFT Developer: 757447286

13. Extension: IoT_IFTTT Developer: enjoyneer2014

14. Extension: starter专用 Developer: 398533641

15. Extension: MeInterCMT Developer: 757447286

16. Extension: IOP Ranger 增能扩展A Developer: magic0627

17. Extension: Encoder Motor Driver Developer: magic0627

18. Extension: MegaPi 工具 Developer: magic0627

19. Extension: 8bots Led Controller Developer: saquarema

20. Extension: Smart_TEAM 1 Developer: Smart_TEAM

21. Extension: 자율주행 자동차 키트 Developer: 0xinfinite

22. Extension: Fabino 1.0 Developer: harayashi_tb

23. Extension: 싸이피아 SCIPIA SPAC Developer: osc95

24. Extension: INPUT_PULLUP Developer: manuelforero768

25. Extension: DHT温湿度传感器 Developer: paf

26. Extension: 8bots actuators Developer: saquarema

27. Extension: 云领橙长_arduino Developer: 1398007578

28. Extension: INPUT_PULLUP Butonu Developer: mburakkalkan

29. Extension: L298N Motor Kontrol Developer: mburakkalkan

30. Extension: LCD I2C Eklentisi Developer: mburakkalkan

31. Extension: led control Developer: gqanhnute

32. Extension: Club House CR Developer: arielobando

33. Extension: uBrick Developer: u238

34. Extension: Logos STEAM test Developer: smartteam

35. Extension: hshoptrungledvayli Developer: xuanngoc1992

36. Extension: ps2x Developer: u238

37. Extension: CDG_LCD Developer: ktrasschaert

38. Extension: CDG_Keypad Developer: ktrasschaert

39. Extension: LCD1602 with I2C Interface Developer: 757447286

40. Extension: Smart TEAM 2 Developer: Smart_TEAM

41. Extension: Uris Robot Developer: urielfrid

42. Extension: mBlock por Matardio Developer: matardio

43. Extension: Grove LCD Developer: quirijnvdgaag

44. Extension: HyperDuino Developer: chris_torrence

45. Extension: input_pullup Developer: igorkovalchuk37

46. Extension: NU Block Developer: my_mint_za

47. Extension: SENAI "LUIZ VARGA" Developer: massimus3d

48. Extension: NeoPixel Developer: oocjh200

49. Extension: MakeBrick Extension Developer: kondal2000

50. Extension: MASSIMUS 3D Developer: massimus3d

51. Extension: vBot VIETSTEM Developer: duonglucbk

52. Extension: Bluetooth HC-06 Developer: hoavinh108

53. Extension: LM35 Developer: mehmetkemalkoseiu

54. Extension: LCD 16X2 Developer: saricicek

55. Extension: dht sensor Developer: saricicek

56. Extension: RGB LED Developer: lizavolchenko

57. Extension: SMILE clock modul Developer: marion

58. Extension: SMILE LED 6x3 Developer: marion

59. Extension: SMILE clock modul Developer: marion

60. Extension: ws2812彩燈 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

61. Extension: 指纹辨识 GTM5210F32 Developer: smathuang

62. Extension: Uno無源蜂鳴器 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

63. Extension: 紅外線遙控 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

64. Extension: LCD1602顯示幕 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

65. Extension: DHT11溫濕度感測 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

66. Extension: SG90伺服馬達 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

67. Extension: RGB LED 模组 HT45F0062 Developer: smathuang

68. Extension: DS3231時鐘 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

69. Extension: RC522讀卡機 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

70. Extension: AlphaBot Developer: thevane

71. Extension: Tm1637數字顯示 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

72. Extension: PN532讀卡機I2C Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

73. Extension: DFPlayerMini Developer: chfen

74. Extension: 彩燈 Developer: uniting

75. Extension: A4988步進馬達 Developer: 許銘堯老師彰化縣

76. Extension: DS18B20 溫度感應器 Developer: TSUNG

77. Extension: IOT Local & Global Developer: TSUNG

78. Extension: RFID Developer: TSUNG

79. Extension: IopKids Developer: mohamedalsherif

80. Extension: 上传模式广播 Developer: woojh

81. Extension: 一个汉字 Developer: tongsen

82. Extension: 机器学习之加法训练 Developer: tongsen

83. Extension: 一言 Developer: tongsen

84. Extension: 进制转换 Developer: tongsen

85. Extension: Extra blocks Developer: DGTV11

86. Extension: 数据工具库 Developer: 江湖百晓生

87. Extension: 慧编程大助手 Developer: tongsen

88. Extension: jtMicrobit Developer: jtFuruhata

89. Extension: 舞台录屏器 Developer: callblueday

90. Extension: 你画我猜 Developer: tongsen

91. Extension: 中文、数字转换 Developer: tongsen

92. Extension: 汉字转拼音 Developer: tongsen

93. Extension: 资料结构扩展 Developer: zaeval665

94. Extension: 网页请求扩展 Developer: zaeval665

95. Extension: Tello Developer: callblueday

96. Extension: OrangeBoard Developer: woojh

97. Extension: cerebro Developer: epsilon11101

98. Extension: Robot BrickOne Developer: duongthelongnv

99. Extension: Vietduino Uno Developer: xuanngoc1992

100. Extension: Makebrick Developer: kondal2000

101. Extension: Brain Go Developer: smathuang

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