mBlock 3 will no longer be available on the latest macOS and Chrome

mBlock 3 will no longer be available on the latest macOS and Chrome

mBlock 3 has played a critical part in hardware programming or teaching STEAM for a long time since 2014. We know that some of our users are still using mBlock 3. But using mBlock 3 web editor and mBlock 3 Mac desktop version might be tricky as the technology evolves. 

  • Due to Adobe will end support of Flash Player on December 31, 2020, whereupon mBlock 3 web editor that runs with Flash Player will no longer be available for browsers including Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, IE, Mozilla, etc. For more details, please see the announcement of Adobe: https://theblog.adobe.com/adobe-flash-update/
  • With the release of macOS Catalina 10.15 in October 2019, 32-bit app support is no longer available, whereupon mBlock 3 Mac version will no longer work on macOS Catalina 10.15 and future versions of macOS. See Apple's official announcement: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208436

Please back up your data before update just in case of data loss. Note that you can still run mBlock 3 desktop versions on Windows 7+ and macOS under Catalina 10.15.  After about two-year hard work, mBlock 5 has been greatly enhanced, and more and more people are choosing mBlock 5 to teach and learn computer programming. Based on mBlock 3, mBlock 5 has been optimized in the user interface, separated stage sprites from devices, and provided more practical and playful features to improve your coding experience. We highly recommend you mBlock 5 for teaching and learning code. Please note that it will not replace mBlock 3. You can still use both mBlock 5 and mBlock 3.

Thank you for working together with us on making mBlock better, and see you in mBlock 5! If there's any feedback, please drop us a line in Makeblock forum or email our support team with subject line: [mBlock 3 web editor issue] to support@makeblock.com. The mBlock Team November 18, 2019

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