mBlock Extension Center Update

As a coding platform designed for STEAM education, mBlock is always committed to providing teachers, students, and makers with the best coding experience.

On July 6th, we’ve updated the Extension Center to provide you a more flexible coding experience, where you can find different kinds of block extensions for coding learning.

(This Extension Center update is only for mBlock web version. We will update the mBlock PC version in September.)

Come check out what’s new in this update:

1. Upgraded to fullscreen display, showing more extensions in one screen.

The updated Extension Center allows more extensions in one screen, offering more flexible and faster operations.

2. Aggregated “Sprite” and “Device” extensions in one place

The updated Extension Center has aggregated the scattered “Sprite Extensions” and “Device Extensions” into one place. By clicking the tab “Sprite Extensions” and “Device Extensions”, you can easily find the extensions for the Stage Sprites and devices.

If you use more that one device at the same time, for example using a Halocode to control mBot, you can quickly switch the device extension categories by clicking tabs.

Before the update, extensions were distrusted in “Sprite” and “Device” which required users to access from corresponding entrance separately.

For example, if you need to add extensions for Codey Rocky and Sprite, you need to: Click “Extension Center” of Codey Rocky -> Add an extension for Codey Rocky -> Close the device “Extension Center” -> Click “Extension Center” of Sprite

3. Added Extension Categories to help find the desired extension faster

In the new Extension Center, we’ve added categories for “Sprite Extensions” and “Device Extension” to help you find the desired extension faster.

4. Optimized mBlock Extension Information and mBlock Extension Builder entrance

We’ve optimized the mBlock Extension Information to help you understand the extension. There are two types of extensions in the Extension Center: one is the official extensions that have been created and tested by the mBlock Team. The other one is the third-parted extensions that are contributed by mBlock users using mBlock Extension Builder.

Currently there are over 700+ extensions in mBlock Extension Center (70+times more than the Scratch official extensions) and 80% of them are contributed by mBlock users from all over the world. We are very grateful for your continued support. We wouldn't be where we are today without your support.

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Above is the whole content of this mBlock update. We will continue to improve mBlock to provide the best user experience. Please let us know in the Makeblock forum if you have any feedback.


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