How Can Parents Help Their Tech-loving Kids Enjoy a Meaningful Holiday?

How Can Parents Help Their Tech-loving Kids Enjoy a Meaningful Holiday?

Coding Gift | One of the most exciting experiences is to find gifts from Santa under the Christmas tree. With Christmas just around the corner, have you already gotten your kids their gifts?

If you don’t have any clue and your children (luckily) have a crush on technology and programming, here are three tips for your choice of Christmas gifts.

Coding Gift 1: Interactive storybooks

The interactive storybook is equipped with a free app and can help turn illustrations into 3D animations, which can really get kids engaged in reading and drawing. So that Kids can use a special pen and coloring cards to give their favorite characters a totally new look.

Coding Gift

Coding Gift 2: Crate creatures

Crate creatures are interactive monster toys, and children can twist the creature’s head and pull the creature’s tongue and finger to hear funny noises.

Coding Gift

Coding Gift 3: Coding robot

Parents might consider a coding robot a best choice for kids, especially children who love playing with technology. Some kinds of coding robots can connect with coding software on the computer, which means kids can learn how to code in a fun and interactive way.

However, choosing the right coding robot for kids is just the first step. Parents should guide children while the kids practice programming their coding robot. After all, practice makes perfect.

Codey Rocky is a smart robot that can connect with mBlock, a programming software designed for STEAM education. Besides that, this small, wonderful gift is a great way to help beginners learn coding and AI.

Moreover, there are many online communities and practice tools that can support kids on their beginner journeys in programming.

Coding Gift

This free website is a good starting point where kids can practice their coding lessons. There are plenty of useful online resources and apps about coding. Also, this website gets updated frequently, making sure all resources are the latest.

Code avengers

This website offers a series of free intro classes in coding and building websites, among other things. So that if you are interest in this website, why not get start with 7-day free trial to learn more about their intro classes?

Code combat

This platform provides a competitive environment for older kids who already know some coding. Unlike boring lessons, children can learn while playing. After setting up a parent’s account, kids can play it right away.

Browsing these websites and playing with the coding robot are good ways to make better use of the holidays, when the kids might not be able to play outside, since the tools not only enhance tech-loving kids’ interests but also effectively improve their abilities.

Coding Gift

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