Make good use of a supportive developer community to help children learn programming

Make good use of a supportive developer community to help children learn programming

Oct 18, 2018 | Coding for kids |

Nowadays, we can see and learn about the outside world with Internet much easier than ever before.

There are abundant global resources that can provide solutions to our questions. Plenty of like-minded people even come together and create their own communities online. They devote themselves to things they are interested in.

It's a good news for parents who hope to get their children into programming. Also benefit for parents who have a young coder at home. Such a community is not only good for kids programming. This community helps their children further develop their programing skills as well.

Kids Programming

Many professional and amateur developers created these communities. They have a great passion for programming and also quite knowledgeable about kids programming languages. They may have different academic backgrounds and specialties. But still, they share a common interest and willing to share their expertise to help others learn.

Within the community, children can find all kinds of resources, such as tutorials, courses, articles, and projects about kids programming languages. These resources of the communities offer a safe and flexible environment for children to learn in and practice their programming skills. For example, mBlock has built up its own online developer communities to better support its users. In addition, it helps users explore the world of programming.

Kids Programming
  • Websites

Makeblock Education and mBlock are two websites where users can find all sorts of learning materials for kids programming languages. mBlock’s employees and outside experts create learning materials,  like tutorial videos, courses, and project samples. Children can learn programming by watching an interesting video, taking online courses, or studying a well-designed project.

Some of the resources integrate Makeblock’s programmable STEM robot kit. Those resources help children put their skills into practice, like turning their ideas into physical products.

  • Facebook group

Since social media has become a necessary part of people’s daily lives, the timeliness and accessibility make it a great platform for information exchange.

Search “MakeBlock talk&share” or “MakeBlock Education Europe”, and you can easily find the mBlock’s Facebook group. In this group, young coders can receive programming-related information posted by mBlock employees as well as other users. Whether they ask questions or share ideas, they will receive timely feedback from others .

  • Forum

mBlock’s online forum is a great place for discussion and cooperation.

Users from all around the world contribute their time to create tutorials and provide answers to questions on forum. They can also communicate and exchange ideas about projects and programming activities there. Young coders benefit from the materials they create and the conversations they have online. If young coders post questions, many active users will pick up those questions and give prompt feedback.

A supportive developer community is a great extracurricular resource to help children learn programming. Different types of learning materials and immediate communication the community can help young coders to learn easily.

Moreover, this environment can provide them with fun projects and great motivation. It encourages young coders to become active members within the community and contribute their time and creativity to help others.

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