Guide to Find the Best Coding Language for Kids

Guide to Find the Best Coding Language for Kids

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Coding for kids |

scratch download | Kids tend to learn to code better and faster when they are still young. However, it might be difficult to decide which coding language kids should learn.

Besides that, there is an overview for parents to use to pick a suitable language for programming for kids.

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TOP3 languages that most people recommend for programming for kids:

  1. Python

As an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming, this language can be used to create video games, web frameworks, and many scientific and numeric computing projects. Companies like Google and Disney use Python.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript makes websites interactive. For example, programmers can run it on web servers to transform simple web documents into interactive apps and games. Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer use JavaScript.

  1. HTML

HTML is a programming language often used by people interested in web development. When writing HTML, programmers add "tags" to the text to create the structure, and the browser knows how to display the text or graphics.

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scratch download | Why choosing a suitable language for programming for kids is important?

The hardest part of programming for kids is understanding new ideas and concepts.

Most computer languages include the three above and require a lot of textbook learning. Most beginners, especially kids, may lose their interest in programming before they even start writing the actual code. We strongly encourage parents to select learning software that’s fun and easy for your kids.

Besides that, although dozens of programming languages are useful for a variety of projects, mBlock is unique, because it is easy to understand, especially for kids.

mBlock is a graphical programming software package based on MIT’s visual programming language, Scratch 3.0, to guarantee that beginners can start coding within minutes. It is a block-based software used for programming for kids that enables them to simply drag and drop command blocks into a program.

By supporting block-based and text-based programming, mBlock allows kids to freely create games and animations. Besides that, the software features cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT, making it the perfect helper for children.

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How mBlock helps children in coding?

Once your kids have progressed from beginner to intermediate skills in coding, they should learn a “real-life” language. By real life, we mean a language that people use in the professional world, like the three we mentioned above.

With mBlock, kids can easily switch to the code programming language, Python. With one click, children can write codes and learn an actual practical language on the Python editor. Kids can write in the Python language and view the corresponding Python codes behind the blocks. The Python mode not only enables children to create stories, games, and animations but also allows them to program hardware like Makeblock robots, Arduino, and micro: bit.

Today, programming for kids is on this trend. mBlock allows kids to use visual blocks to create computer programs and eliminates some of the frustrations associated with typing on a keyboard.

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