How Can You Encourage Kids to Start Learning Coding Skill?

How Can You Encourage Kids to Start Learning Coding Skill?

Aug 21, 2018 | Coding for kids |

Computer coding skills are as important as reading for the next generation,so kids programming language become more and more popular.

Coding is considered to be the best second language that kids can learn, and it will become a universal language in the future. With the rise of the “Internet of Things” and AI, our lives will be even more reliant on online and digital services.

Many schools across the world have begun to teach coding skills and kids programming language as part of the regular school curriculum. This skill is essential for math, engineering, science, and so on.

Here are some guidelines to help kids start coding with kids programming language.

How to Begin to learn kids programming language?

Even before starting school, kids can begin to learn coding skills through programming software like mBlock, a kids programming language tool based on Scratch 3.0, which supports graphical and text programming.

mBlock makes coding as easy as using building blocks. Kids are able to create engaging stories and games, and even program hardware like Makeblock’s robotic Codey Rocky. Kids can easily learn programming languages through playing and creating, especially after they can see their robots actually following the coded instructions.

It’s instant gratification when they see their robots doing what the kids have told them to do.

Choose from Kids programming language:Scratch first, Python later

Scratch is a good way for kids to learn kids programming language because they can learn by playing.

Kids can learn the basics of coding by using building blocks. With Scratch 3.0, new features, such as sound effects and other extensions, allow kids to follow their creative instincts. Also, they can build a solid foundation for future Python language learning.


Kids programming language:When Should You Start Teaching Your Kids Python?

Children will outgrow Scratch and be ready for Python once they have learned the basics. But they won’t outgrow Python; even scientists use Python to work with large datasets. Kids ages 10 and up can handle learning Python, because, by that time, they usually have solid reading and typing abilities.

In some cases, kids under 10 years could start, but Python tends to need a lot more hands-on practice and assistance. Younger children might require much more guidance than older kids.

The mBlock 5 makes this possible, and, furthermore, it supports Python programming as well. Kids can just switch to Python mode with one click, which makes the transition from Scratch to Python really easy.

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