Breaking the Barrier of Kid Coding Dilemma

Breaking the Barrier of Kid Coding Dilemma

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Even if you’ve never heard of Kid Coding Dilemma, you are probably familiar with it. It is the barrier that many young students face when enter the field of coding.

Kid Coding Dilemma : Why this is a serious problem?

An increasing reliance on technology and programming in our daily lives has lead to a monumental shift in the job market. The demand of computer scientists and programmers has skyrocketed.  And this trend is only set to continue in the future. Because of the increasing demand for coding related experts, we need to have more young kids become interested in these fields and pursue coding in their careers.

But with the Kid Coding Dilemma existing, students aren’t delving into computer-based fields as much as they could be. This might cause a shortage in workers in the computer science industry in a few decades, which could be bad for our economy and growth globally. Thus, while Kid Coding Dilemma has a silly name, it’s a serious issue that we need to tackle head on if we want to help our children and our world succeed.

Factors of this dilemma

So what exactly causes Kid Coding Dilemma?

Well, if you asked a young child why they aren’t interested in coding, most of them would quickly say that coding is too hard for them. This intimidation stops children from being exposed to coding. In the mass media, coding is only portrayed as intricate strings of text that are unintelligible to lay people. However, the difficult thing about coding is applying logical and critical thinking, not learning the text format.

Another thing that drives kids away from coding is the complicated programming languages. C++ and Python are the representative ones. Kids don’t really allow for intuitive learning. Rather, you are expected to know the commands before you start using these language, which are hard to grasp, especially as a young student.

Finally, a lack of coding in education early on “seals the deal” for many students. Once they reach high school, they feel that it is too late for them to develop their coding skills.

So it's vital for kids to receive an introduction at an early age that they can understand and have fun with.

How mBlock Can Help?   

With all these factors in mind, we must find solutions that address them before that shortage of coders and programmers becomes a reality. Luckily there are already tools at our disposal that can make younger students interested in coding from the get-go and unlock their full potential.

Makeblock’s Unique Software, mBlock serves as an introductory coding interface based on MIT’s Scratch language. Through graphical blocks and preset code structures, children can figure out their way on this coding platform in no time. When implementing a code structure, mBlock’s interface displays it’s effects on the “Stage”.

Kid Coding Dilemma

This allows for an interactive and intuitive way to introduce younger students into the expanse of coding.

mBlock lowers these barriers of entry by using a more graphical interface. It lets kids exercise their creativity without worrying about formalities. Plus, mBlock also allows students to switch over to the highly popularized Python language when they are ready. This way, mBlock is for all levels of students and encourages development (from beginners to advanced coders).

With mBlock, there’s no intimidation factor in starting to code. So students’ creativity is free to roam.

Thus, say goodbye to the Kid Coding Dilemma and get coding at any age and any level!

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