mBlock is a block-based coding platform for programming Scratch sprites and robots, including Makeblock robots, Arduino, micro:bit, etc. Our easy-to-use software makes teaching and learning coding fun and interactive. In this category, you can get mBlock’s tutorials, latest update announcements, and more.

Program Robot with no software installed Only mLink required

In August of this year, we rolled out mBlock Web (https://ide.makeblock.com) And we are quite delighted to see that more and more users are using mBlock as a learning tool. Compared with mBlock PC, mBlock Web is born with some strengths:No software installation required, for instance. You can program directly in a Web browser. This means that all you need is a computer if you are to use mBlock Web.

Professional Educators’ Assessment of mBlock (Beta.3.1 Version)

Based on Scratch 3.0, mBlock is a programming software tool designed mainly for STEAM education. mBlock helps kids easily learn how to program without using new kids programming language. With this software, children can write programs and interact with different hardware. Besides, they can also get familiar with AI, the most fundamental new technology for the 21st century. In this article, we talk about the basic features of this programming software. Then, we’ll describe the assessment…

The Hero of Today: A 6-year-old Programmer

The Hero of Today: A 6-year-old Programmer Profile for a Superb Cutie Name: Wang Binghao Nickname: Qiu Qiu Age: 6 Skills: Programming, Soccer, Chess, Spanish, etc Location: Metro Detroit, Michigan, USA Here is a question for you: At the age of 6, what were you doing? For kids at this age in China, what they are playing is just the online game Honor of King. However, Qiu Qiu, a 6-year-old kid, has already embarked on his…