Make good use of a supportive developer community to help children learn programming

Websites Makeblock Education and mBlock are two websites where users can find all sorts of learning materials for kids programming languages. mBlock’s employees and outside experts create learning materials,  like tutorial videos, courses, and project samples. Children can learn programming by watching an interesting video, taking online courses, or studying a well-designed project. Some of the resources integrate Makeblock’s programmable STEM robot kit. Those resources help children put their skills into practice, like turning their ideas into physical products. Facebook group Since social media has become a necessary part of people’s daily lives, the timeliness and accessibility make it a…

5 Skills Kids Will Attain Through Coding

mBlock is a programming software package designed for STEAM education. It features one of the most popular programming languages for children, Scratch, as well as technologies, such as AI and IoT, helping kids learn coding through games and problem-solving. # scratch download # arduino download # how to make games on scratch # scratch2.0 # scratch3.0 # kids programming language

How Can You Encourage Kids to Start Learning Coding Skill?

Choose from Kids programming language:Scratch first, Python later Scratch is a good way for kids to learn kids programming language because they can learn by playing. Kids can learn the basics of coding by using building blocks. With Scratch 3.0, new features, such as sound effects and other extensions, allow kids to follow their creative instincts. Also, they can build a solid foundation for future Python language learning.   Kids programming language:When Should You Start Teaching Your Kids Python? Children will outgrow Scratch and be ready for Python once they have learned the basics. But they won’t outgrow Python; even scientists…