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Scratch 2.0, The Adventures of Mike

Author: Guan Xuefeng Team

9 chapters to guide children to explore the world of Scratch 2.0 in interactive stories, games and animation.
(Due to the software upgrade, the content in the book may not match the latest software version.)

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Scratch 2.0, The Adventures of Mike

1.1 Encounter a Spaceship

Intro Mike, a student of Grade 5, is always looking forward to exploring the outer space. One day, he comes across a spaceship on his way back home. What does this spaceship look like? And what will happen to them?


  1. Get familiar with the interface of Scratch 2.0
  2. Understand the features of each sprite and the backdrop
  3. Learn to create a new sprite and backdrop.

Start Learning

Sprite is the actor in one piece of work. Scratch provides multiple ways of creating sprites. Now, let’s learn how to use Scratch!

1. Create Sprites
2. Rich Sprite Library

Click to choose a sprite from the Sprite Library. With the sprites being sorted into different types, you can choose the wanted sprite according to the actual story.

★ Practice:

Import sprites “Mike.png” and “Spaceship.png” from local files.

3. Adjust the Size

After importing the sprites into the stage, you can use the following icons to adjust the size of the sprite per needed.

★ Practice:

Try to adjust size of the sprite you choose.

☆ Explore

Right click the sprites to explore the other functions.

4. Create Backdrop

Stage is the arena for sprites to move and act. You can add a backdrop on the stage to make your story more interesting and vivid. Meanwhile, adding backdrop will also expand the story to a further level. Now, let’s try this out!

★ Practice:

Import the “Encounter.png” from the local file

1.2 Locate the Coordinate

Intro Mike is a fan for travel and exploration. To avoid losing the direction and continue his adventure safely while in the wild, Mike needs to learn how to locate his coordinate.


  1. Know the concept of coordinate
  2. Learn how to move to the designated position

Start Learning

1. Coordinate System

Every sprite has its/her/his own position on the stage. To manage them well, we need to first get familiar with the coordinate system of the stage.

The central coordinate of the stage lies on (0,0), with the horizontal direction as X-axis and vertical direction as Y. Divided by the central coordinate, the right part of the X-axis is positive X-axis (+), left negative X-axis (-); the upper part of the Y-axis divided by the central coordinate is positive Y-axis and the lower part Negative Y-axis. Knowing the coordinate systems is the essential step of operate the position of all sprites on the stage

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