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mBlock, Kids Maker Rocks with the Robots

mBlock, Kids Maker Rocks with the Robots

Author: Liao Yuqiang, Zhao Tongzheng

12 chapters to guide children to enjoy programming mBot in game scenes.
(Due to the software upgrade, the content in the book may not match the latest software version.)

mBlock, Kids Maker Rocks with the Robots

Hello everyone, welcome to the world of mBot robot and learn how to make games on scratch.

We will experience the interaction between the physical world and software through learning the course. The course consists of three parts: mBot robot, mCore main board and mBlock (You could download them with following address: mBlock is a software developed on the basis of Scratch 2.0. It could control mCore main board of mBot and achieve the corresponding functions. By using mBlock, students can learn how to make games on scratch.

Chapter 1 The Mouse Loves Apples

Mouse, the small mouse, likes to eat apples very much. Today it breaks into the mBlock world and there is a sweet apple just in front of it. Can you help Mouse eat that apple? Come on, help Mouse with the mCore baseboard at your hand.

Chapter 2 Pick Apples

Little mouse Mice found a fruitful apple tree today. Now is the ripe season. Apples on the trees constantly fall when blowing in the wind. Mice hopes to nd a container to hold these apples. Can you help Mice collect more apples?

Chapter 3 The Arithmetic Challenge

Little Monkey randomly displays a number. It required the bat to collect the same number of points within 30 seconds. Can you help the bat complete the little monkey’s task?

Chapter 4 Guess

We often play game of guessing coin with friends. So how do we use mCore to play this game? In this chapter, we’ll do it .Let’s see who is the best guesser!

Learning Objectives: 1.Learn the branch structure 2.Usage and comparison of variables

Chapter 5 Defend the Island

The treasure left by the head of the pirates is hidden on a small island. When the pirates get the news, many of them want to snatch the treasure and attack the island. Great heroes, come to the island to defend it!

Chapter 6 The Card Reader

Every commodity in the supermarkets is with a barcode. Every barcode corresponds to a specic commodity. Can you design a machine to read the identity? Come on and realize it!

Chapter 7 Rhythm Game

Party time! Happy hour demands music. Let’s play a rhythm game and see who has better sense of rhythm. This game is focused on Hand-eye coordination!

Chapter 8 The Video Ball

In this chapter, we will learn how to make an interactive video game. The game tests your hand-eye coordination. Are you ready?

Chapter 9 Run! Robot

We can apply the mBlock programming knowledge we learned to control mBot robots. If you play a chasing game with other children, it will be very interesting

Chapter 10 Dodging Master

The robot mBot wants to learn walking. But it always hits the obstacle ahead. Look! mBot hits the children in front of it. It is very frustrating. Let’s help it now. In this chapter, we will learn how to use mBlock programming to enable mBot to avoid obstacles ahead

Chapter 11 The Success Road

The robot mBot sees the train moves along the track. It hopes it could be with a train-like track. In this chapter, we will learn the line-patrolling feature of mBot!

Chapter 12 The Obedient Robot

mBot is a smart obedient robot. There is an infrared receiver on its body. We can remotely c control mBot’s movement with this receiver. Is it so cool, ah? In this lesson, we will learn how to control the robot with the infrared remote controller.

Chapter 13 The Versatile Robot

mBot is a smart robot. It has learned a lot of skills. For example, it is able to deftly dodge obstacles ahead. It can also perform line- patrolling and operate the infrared remote controller. In this lesson, we will have mBot shown its all skills!

Chapter 14 The Horse Race Tycoon

Today, we come to the racetrack. Each contestant brings mBot. They will calibrate their beloved mBot by themselves, so that it achieves the best results in this racing game. Before the game starts, players have plenty of time to train the mBot. Game time, all go to the track please!


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