Sharing and Community

The mBlock community is where you share your projects, and explore other projects shared by like-minded users. Join mBlock community to find more inspiration.

Visit mBlock international community:

Sign in / Sign up

You need to sign in with your mBlock account to share your projects.

Click "Sign in/Sign up" and follow the instructions to finish signing in or signing up.

You need to sign in to mBlock international community with an international account.

Create Online and Share

After signing in or signing up, you can start creating online and share your projects.


Click the "Create" button to go to mBlock 5 for web browsers.

On the edit page, you can create a project of the sprites or your own device. After you finish programming, click "Save" to save your project. Don't forget to give your project an intriguing name.

You need to use mLink to connect your device to mBlock 5 Web. Refer to mLink guide for instructions.

Import from your computer

You can also import a project (file type .mblock) from your computer.

Click in the tool bar, and choose "Import from your computer".

Then you can edit the imported project and save it to your projects.


Ready to share your project?

Choose a project to share

Click the "Share" button to share your currently working project.

Or go to the Projects page, and choose a project to share by clicking the "Share" button.

Edit project detail

The project detail edit page will pop up. You can:

  • Change project name
  • Give an introduction
  • Give instructions
  • Add a photo or video (no more than 9 photos and videos)
  • Add tags

After you are all done, click "Share" to share your project to the community.

Other users can now see your project.

Re-edit your project

You can always edit the shared project.

  • Click "Edit project" to edit your project detail
  • Click "Source code" to edit your project source code

Explore and Remix

On the mBlock Community homepage, numerous projects are shared and ready for you to explore.

Popular projects are displayed here. You can click "More" to find more projects.

New release

Newly shared and trending projects are here. Click "More" to explore more.

Curated studios

Makeblock creates various studios and provides rich projects. Do click "More" to discover.

Remix shared projects

If you find one project really interesting and want to have a try yourself, you can do a remix.

1) Click "Source code" on the project detail page.

2) You will be redirected to the project edit page. When you finish editing, click "Remix and save". The remix will be saved to your projects.

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