mBlock Community Guideline

mBlock welcomes makers from the world. We need support from each other to build a place that everybody can enjoy coding, robots, and creating things.


Be nice

Do not forget that people with all ages and backgrounds will see your project or comment.

Do not post anything that makes other people uncomfortable.


Do justice

Do use the “report” feature to report any content that you think is violent or mean.


Respect others

You are free to remix works from other people, but be sure to give credit, respect and give a good “thank you” to the original author.

Please do not repost projects from Scratch or other Scratch-like communities without permission from their original authors.


Protect yourself

NEVER EVER post your and other people’s personal information (e.g. your name, your photo, your address, video with your face on it) in mBlock projects, the mBlock community, or when making a comment. The internet is huge, and somebody may be trying to bully, abuse, or stalk other people with their personal information in the dark corner. Otherwise, have fun.


Be honest

Do not impersonate other community members. Do not try to deceive other people. Or spread rumors.

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