10 Things You Need to Know About Programming Software for Kids

scratch 2.0 | The latest report White Paper on Global AI Talent shows that there are just 300,000 AI researchers and practitioners worldwide while millions are needed. The demand for AI engineers in China has already surpassed 5,000,000. Businesses or even nations are in competition over precious resources—programming talents.

A coding product for kids usually refers to a product that is designed for a kid under 18 to learn to write code. A programming language is a symbolized or graphical system that helps kids develop their programming logic.

There goes a saying: Sharp tools make good work. The “sharp tools” needed in kids’ programming education are the right learning software and hardware. You may ask: How can I choose the right ones for my kids?

  1. Based on Scratch

Scratch, a benchmark in graphical programming language, provides comprehensive supporting materials, such as a library of reading materials and case studies. The materials play a great role in both in-class and after-class learning. In fact, whether a programming language or a technical framework is popular depends heavily on the development of its supporting materials.

  1. Support Python

Python instead of VB is now the benchmark in information technology education and level tests. Its easy-to-learn grammar makes it widely used in data processing and artificial intelligence. It is a task for students who are familiar with graphical programming to learn code programming. A good programming learning software should give kids an opportunity to look through the powerful programming language, showing projects that can be done with Python than any graphical programing.

  1. Support Robot Programming

To win back the attention and time stolen by mobile games, programing learning software must manage to offer joy and pleasure that could only be found outside the game world. The joy and sense of accomplishment might not be gained through playing mobile games than successfully making a robot dance or detect the surrounding.

  1. Support Transmission to Hardware

A complete creative electronic project should be able to function on its own without being constrained by a computer. In a world where smart devices are everywhere, kids should develop their skills to tell toys that have to be connected to a computer from real smart devices.

  1. Able to work under Wireless Condition

Wireless debugging and program transmission could greatly boost efficiency. Imagine a robot always have a long tail behind it connected to a computer, how inconvenient could that be? What’s more, repeated plugging and unplugging may cause wear-down to our devices. If a supporting robot could be debugged or even uploaded with new programs under wireless condition, it will be more convenient for teachers and student.

  1. Easy to Extend & Compatible with Various Software and Hardware

The art of programming language is its openness, which sparks our imagination and creation. Once we understand the basics of programming, we could introduce new features to our programs with extension packs.

  1. Include Simple and Highly Educational AI Features

It’s helpful to show young kids the application of AI like face or speech recognition and encourage them to use AI to create what they like.

  1. Support IoT,Data Gathering and Visualization

Using proper tools to conduct data gathering and visualization analysis is a learning process which involves a conjunction of knowledge in mathematics, information technology and scientific research and hands-on skills. IoT (Internet of Things) needs overall solutions and hardware support is an important part of IoT.

  1. Support Open-source Hardware and Integration of Hardware and Software across Manufacturers

Maker education and programming education shouldn’t be treated discretely. Therefore, well-designed programming education software would and should manage to show the relevancy of them.

With hardware, we find out the answer to the question “Why do we learn programming?”, and with programming, we find out the ways to make what we want to make.

Good programming learning software amplifies the joy in designing and creating electronic products. What makes the creating process interesting is a bewildering variety of materials. Similarly, a broad variety of programming learning tools should be available for out little makers. These tools could be tuned to support the latest technology and inventions like sensors and actuators through extension.

  1. Stable and Easy-to-use

Most hardware products are exposed to the risk of instability. Unmatched firmware version, missing or fail-to-connect serial ports or damaged electronic modules might hinder teaching performance.


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