Release Logs


  • The makeblock library is updated, the smart servo won’t stall anymore when it rotates to the extreme position and can read the location information by programming Arduino.




  • Fixed some bugs in Arduino Makeblock Library and update frimware of Auriga and MegaPi;
  • Added MegaPi Pro blocks and functions, such as init smart servo;
  • Fixed some bugs in blocks for Smart Servo Motors;
  • Optimize Microsoft Recognitive Service so the users do not need to enter API Key anymore;
  • Optimize the extension center management, so the users can select and search more easily;
  • Deleted “exploring robortic world” section under the help menu and added “Educators’ Content” section.


  • Restore the version of Arduino 1.8.0 to 1.6.5, because the new version of Arduino can not complier some old cases in text book.


  • Added MegaPi Pro blocks and functions, such as Color sensor, super power encoder motors;
  • Update Microsoft Recognitive Service;
  • Fixed bugs in Arduino Makeblock Library and update frimware of mBot, Auriga, MegaPi, MegaPi Pro;
  • Fixed bugs of Gyro sensor that z-axis double the value of its angle;
  • Fixed bugs that smart servo motor can not control other motors without inital the first motor;
  • Fixed some bugs to improve the statbility of the software;


  • Updata factory firmware of mBot;
  • Fixed some bugs to improve the statbility of the software;


  • Updated International/Multilingual translations,there are 28 languages supported;
  • Updated the frimwares for mCore, Auriga, Orion, and Megapi in mBlock ;
  • Supported the instruction blocks for Smart Servo Motors (Only for Auriga) ;


  • Updated Korean and Janpanese translation
  • Fixed the bug when people use Microsoft Recogitive Service that some instruction blocks caused the software exit
  • Added the digital key for the windows version


  • Updated Japanese and French translation
  • Fixed the bug when people use variable to set the pin cause the “pinMode” set in the incorrect position in Arduino code
  • Fixed the bug when export the picture and then the software close and open the feedback page in browser
  • Added a new feature when the software closed in accident and the program would save in the temp file
  • Update some feature to improve user interface and user experience

3.4.3 rev2

  • Fixed a bug when projects using logic blocks cannot be opened;
  • Fixed a bug when “set motor power to …” blocks cannot compile under megaPi controller board;
  • Fixed a bug when “set motor power to …” blocks behave differently under Scratch Mode and Arduino Mode;
  • Added French translation for Microsoft Cognitive Service related blocks.


  • Fixed a bug that “Open in Arduino IDE” does not work in some Windows versions.
  • Fixed a bug when “pinMode” command appears above the variable settings, causing compiling errors.
  • Changed logic operators in Arduino from bit operation (“&”, “|”) to logic operation (“&&”, “||”)
  • Added “set encoder motor on board power to” command for mBot Ranger
  • Added timer function for mBot Ranger
  • Now “When timer > 10” command works properly
  • Fixed a bug when only one of two successive set variable commands appears in the Arduino mode
  • Fixed a bug when mBot LEDs conflicts to 2.4G Joystick or IR transmitter/receivers.
  • Fixed a bug that some Starter kits run and turn in wrong directions
  • Now after executing commands with wrong arguments, mBlock won’t stall
  • Fixed a bug when some commands become invalid after the board type is switched from “Auriga” and “Orion” and then “Auriga”
  • Fixed a bug when mBlock crashes after clicking on some sprites.


  • fixed a bug when “wait until” and “repeat until” do not work with encoder motor, LED light and other electronic modules.
  • fixed a bug when Mac OS Sierra fails to compile some projects.
  • fixed a bug that feedback page prompts up when opening the app without internet access
  • fixed a bug when you click the close button and select “no”, you cannot connect robots in the second time.
  • fixed a bug when open files with spaces in its filename, it jumps to the feedback page
  • now supports Japanese installing interface


  • Added support of Microsoft Cognitive Service
  • Fixed a bug that the feedback page pops up when opening some projects.
  • Fixed a bug that programs cannot be uploaded to Uno Shields.
  • Now “List” block section won’t be messed up if you run your program and switch between block sections.
  • Now “(Hardware) button pressed” will be hidden in the Arduino mode.
  • Now there will be a release log when a new version is detected.
  • An “Arduino Mode Only” note is added to the IR blocks in mBot Ranger and Orion
  • Now new projects will have the same name as the program opens.
  • Now the stage won’t be opened under the Arduino Mode.
  • Now “Clear Cache” command will prompt to restart mBlock.
  • Now opening an existing project won’t come up with “unsaved project” prompt.
  • Added translation for the “Save As…” dialog.
  • Updated Japanese translation


  • All new extension center, you may write extensions for your favorite Arduino hardware.
  • Added support for 2.4G Joystick
  • Added support for 130 mini fan
  • Now keyboard events supports the Numpad
  • Now PIR Sensor reading block has a shape of logic blocks


  • Added new “Line follower [Port] [left/right side] is [white/black]” block.
  • Added “serial write text”, “serial available bytes”, “serial read byte” for Arduino extension.
  • Fixed: Now will give warning on overwriting when made changed on a blank project.
  • Fixed: Now Arduino won’t give an error on servo control.
  • Updated Japanese translation.


  • fixed a compile error for custom blocks and motors
  • fixed a bug that custom block cannot be called twice in the Arduino “setup” phase
  • fixed a bug that cannot import previously exported sprites
  • fixed a bug that delay commands become 5 times longer when used with buttons
  • fixed a bug that mBot Ranger will rush at the max speed at “start”, “stop” or “open project” commands
  • mitigate the problem that stepper motor behave differently in online and Arduino modes
  • now the “failed to check for new versions” dialog won’t popup at startup
  • now Set Firmware Mode for mBot Ranger will be moved to “connect” menu
  • removed “Stop Tone” command
  • updated Japanese translations


  • Now ultrasonic sensors will return 400 instead of 0 when there’s nothing ahead
  • Adjusted the labels for Makeblock products:
    Me Orion is changed into Starter/Ultimate (Orion)
    mBot is changed into mBot (mCore)
    Auriga is changed into mBot Ranger (Auriga)
    Mega Pi is changed into Ultimate 2.0 (Mega Pi)
  • Fixed: “Move Forward”, “Set Encoder Motor” and “Delay” can interfere with each other
  • Fixed: 2 “Makeblock” menu item appears in the “Extensions” menu
  • Fixed: Cannot view source code for MegaPi,Makeblock,UNO Shield libraries
  • Fixed: Encoder motor and move forward commands cannot be used together in Auriga and MegaPi
  • Fixed: The windows freezes when “Check for update” dialog disappears
  • Fixed: mBlock crushes when connected to a device keep sending data through the serial port
  • Fixed: “[ ] = [ ]”(equality) block cannot be uploaded to Arduino when the input is a String
  • Fixed a compatibility issue for mBot’s Buzzer commands
  • Now prompt dialogs have a darker backgrounds, preventing losing focus
  • Partially mitigate the issue that external encoder motors cause Auriga board to restart
  • Now LED lights in Auriga won’t randomly light up in the official firmware
  • Fixed: Now encoder motor connected to Port 2 of MegaPi won’t get a negative reading in the speed
  • Fixed: Now encoder motor gets a negative speed in the “set encoder motor speed/distance” block won’t run forever
  • Fixed: mBot face panel “Y” parameter behaves differently in online and Arduino mode


  • Fixed: encoder motor command block does not work after uploaded to Arduino
  • Fixed: mBlock for Mac cannot upload program to MegaPi / Auriga.


  • Added encoder motor distance control for mBot Ranger.
  • Added blocks for reading encoder motor position, added unit (rpm) for reading encorder motor speed.
  • Fixed a bug in V3.3.2 when project files from earlier versions cannot be opened.
  • Fixed a bug in mBot IR Transceiver blocks.
  • Fixed a bug when motors plugged in MegaPi Port 3 / Port 4 will rotate in different speeds.
  • Fixed a bug when mBot Ranger becomes slow after uploading firmware.
  • Now mBot Ranger will be generally faster in the online mode.
  • Now you can import images as sprites in File/Import menu.
  • Now sensors in different sprites won’t read 0 or the same number from one of the sensors.
  • After deleting “hat blocks” such as “when the flag is clicked”, other block won’t move to the top left corner.
  • When uploading, the title bar will show “Uploading” instead of “Disconnected”
  • When no serial port is discovered, the “Connect/Serial Port” menu item will show “no serial port” instead of nothing.