Note for translators

Thank you for your interest in bringing mBlock to the world! The following guide will help understand how to translate mBlock.

  • Visit this Google Docs file and request a permission if necessary.

  • Edit this file, fill in/change the part with the corresponding words. Please do not paste a whole Excel sheets - the spreadsheet is constantly updating with new terms and this will destroy the hard work of others.

  • You may see text like "insert %s at %d.listItem of %m.list" with parts such as "%s" and "%d.listItem". These are tags that will show a text box or drop down box. Please:

preserve the order of these tags
(eg. Don't translate it into "In %d.listItem of %m.list insert %s" even if it fits your language habit), and

leave a space before and after the tag!
(eg. Don't translate it into "insert %s at%d.listItemof %m.list"), and

don't add extra spaces inside the tag
(eg. Don't translate it into "insert %s at %d. listItem of %m. list").

don't translate the tag themselves!
They will be replaced by the real input box or drop-down menu. if you translate "%m.list" into "%m.lista" for example, the input box won't show up!

  • if you are done, leave a comment of what you've changed.

  • You may also test your work before mBlock team check and update the translations:
  1. download the Google Spreadsheet and rename it to locale.xlsx;
  2. (in windows) replace the file in (your installation folder, typically C:\Program Files(x86)\mBlock)\locale
  3. (in mac) right click on, select "Show Package Contents", then replace the file under Contents/Resources/locale
  4. restart mBlock and see your work in action.
  • Hebrew and Arabic translators needed! If you know one of these languages, you can write to wangyu (at) makeblock (dot) com and talk with us about how to better present right-to-left languages.

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