Q: I cannot upload my program to Arduino. It prompts Cannot run program "{runtime.tools.avr-gcc.path}\bin\avr-g++" (in directory "."): CreateProcess error=2

A: this is due to an outdated version of Arduino in your computer. Uninstall Arduino and delete all contents in "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Arduino" to solve this problem. Visit [this link](http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=313176.0;nowap ) for more information.

Q: Cannot upload my program to Arduino. It prompts stk500_getsync() attempt ? of 10...

A: Please make sure: 1. you have chosen the right board type under "Boards" menu; 2. you have disconnected the bluetooth module.

Q: Stepper motors won't run on megaPi...

A: Stepper motors requires a higher voltage than what AA battaries or 18650 lithium battaries can provide. An AC Adapter is required.

Q: How to use the "Communication" Blocks?

A: "Communication" blocks are used to handle serial port Communication when uploaded to the Arduino chip. Its content includes sending and receiving serial port command and comparing strings.

Q: My anti-virus software says it might be a virus...

A: No, it's not. Some software alarm at softwares that have interaction with hardwares. Not convinced? See this Virus Scan Report

Q: I cannot upload my program in the Arduino mode for my Starter/Ultimate (Orion) Board

A: if you have your bluetooth adapter attached, you need to detach it. It interfere with the serial port connection.

Q: The stepper motor won't turn in the high speed mode

A: The high speed is achieved at the cost of driving power. So the stepper motor may stop moving in the high speed mode under a very little friction.

Q: My infrared receiver won't work on my Orion Board

A: Due to a technical constraint (number of interrupts in the micro controller to be exact), the infrared receiver block only works when uploaded in the Arduino mode. Sorry for that.