Google Sheets

Use Google Sheets Extension to get access to your Google sheets. You can input data to your sheets, or read data of the sheets.

Only available in Google service areas.

Sign in to Google

Visit Google Sheets:, and sign in with your Google account.

Create a new Sheet

1. Click "+" to start a new spreadsheet.

2. Name the spreadsheet "My Favorite Fruits".

3. Click "Share" to edit share settings.

4. Set "Anyone with the link can edit", and click "Copy link". Then click "Done" to save the settings.

Add Google Sheets blocks

Under "Sprites", click "+" in the Blocks area. Choose "Google Sheets" from the pop-up window.

Use Google Sheets blocks

1. Add an Events block when (space) key pressed and a Google Sheets block connect to shared sheet (). Paste the link of sheet.

2. Add two Google Sheets blocks input () to column () row (). Input "Apple" to row 1 of column 1, and "Mango" to row 2.

3. Press the space key to run the script, and then check your sheet.

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