Data Chart

Use "Data Chart" to visualize your data with a table, a line chart, or a bar chart. Make your data visually explicit and elegantly displayed.

- Currently, "Data Chart" extension is only available on mBlock 5 for web browsers
- Data limit for a single sheet: no more than 200 pieces
- Sheets limit: no more than 10 sheets
- Disable "Upload Mode" to use Data Chart with the device

Let's have a try!

Add Data Chart Blocks

Make sure "Panda" is selected under "Sprites". Click "+" in the Blocks area. From the pop-up Extension Center page, click "+" to add "Data Chart" blocks.

Have Some Fun

We will make a line chart to display the temperature of "Shenzhen" for the whole week.

Note: the weather data are obtained from the internet.

Set the table

1) Drag two Data Chart blocks open data chart window and set chart title () to the Scripts area. Name the chart "Temperature of the Week".

2) Add a Data Chart block set chart type to () and choose "line chart" from the drop-down window.

3) We'll set the x-axis to day and y-axis to temperature. Drag another Data Chart block set axis name: x() y().

Input data

4) We can start inputting data now. Drag two Data Chart blocks input data to (): x() y(). For each day, we will have both the highest and lowest temperature. Input the data for Monday.

5) Likewise, drag 12 more Data Chart blocks input data to (): x() y(). Input the data for Tuesday to Sunday.

Add an event

6) Add an Events block when green flag clicked and snap it on top all other blocks.

7) Click the green flag to see the chart.

8) You can also switch to view table or bar chart.

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