Climate Data

Climate Data extension provides quick access to real-time weather forecast. You can choose a location and get its latest weather information, including temperature, humidity, air quality, and others.

Add Climate Blocks

1) Make sure "Sprites" is selected and click "+" in the Blocks Area.

2) From the pop-up Extension Center page, click "+" to add Cognitive Services blocks.

3) Go back to the Edit page. There is a new category of blocks: climate!

Have Some Fun

Let's start a new project! Panda will be our special weather reporter.

Make sure Panda is selected:

1) Drag an Events block when (space) key pressed to the Scripts area.

2) Add a Looks block say ().

3) From the new Climate blocks, drag a (city) weather block. Choose "Shenzhen" and click "OK'.

4) Now, try pressing the space key!

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