Makey Makey

With the Makey Makey extension, you can combine some keys.

Add "Makey Makey"

(1) Click the Sprites tab and click + extension at the bottom of the Blocks area.

(2) In the Extension center dialog box that appears, click + Add at the bottom of Makey Makey.

(3) On the editing page, Makey Makey blocks are displayed.

Use "Makey Makey" Blocks to Make a Direction Controller

(4) Drag the Makey Makey block when ( ) key pressed and Motion block change y by ( ) to the Scripts area to add a control key for the sprite.

(5) Repeat the previous step to add control keys as shown in the following.

(6) Use the controller to control the sprite.

(7) You can also make the sprite do a somersault by compiling the following script.

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