Paint Your Own Sprite

If you cannot find what you need in the Sprite Library, you can paint your own sprite. If you already have some images available, you can upload them directly.

Under "Sprites", click "+".

From the pop-up window, you can find "Upload" and "Paint" at the top panel.

Draw a Sprite

Click "Paint" to draw a sprite. We will create a project of a smiling house.

1) Draw the first costume and name it "costume1", as follows:

2) Click "Add Costume" at the bottom-left corner to add another costume.

3) Draw the second costume and name it "costume2", as follows:

4) Click "×" to go back to edit page.

5) Rename the sprite "House".

Start Programming

6) Drag an Events block when () key pressed to the Scripts area.

7) Add a Motion block change y by ().

8) From the Looks category, drag a next costume block.

9) Add a Control block wait () seconds, and set the time to "0.3".

10) Add another Motion block change y by (), and set the value to "-10".

11) Drag another Looks block next costume.

12) Try press the space key!

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