Create Your Sprite and Play with It

The mBlock 5 makes programming as easy as building block. Let's have some fun.

Create A Sprite

1) Below the stage area, click Sprites and click "+" to add a sprite you like. (The default sprite is panda.)

2) From the pop-up window, choose a sprite and click "OK" to add the new sprite to the stage. Here, we choose "Elephant1".

3) Now, we can see "Elephant1" appear on stage.

Play with Your Sprite

Let's move "Elephant1".

1) Drag a when green flag clicked block from the Events category to the scripts area.

2) Drag a move () steps block from the Motion category, and add it onto the existing block.

3) Now, try click the green flag under the stage to see how "Elephant1" move.

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