Add Some Sounds

Enjoy more fun by adding some sounds.

Apply Some Sounds to the Sprite

We can add sounds while moving the sprite. The Sound Category in the Block Pallette has what we need.

1) Under "Sprites", keep the default sprite "Panda".

2) Drag an Event block when () key pressed to the Scripts area. Keep the default space key.

3) Add a Motion block move () steps.

Choose a Sound

4) Under "Sprites", click "Sounds".

5) Click "Add Sound" at the bottom-left corner.

6) From the pop-up window, search and choose "Pop". Then click "OK".

7) Click "×" to go back to programming.

8) Now, drag a Sound block play sound () until done and choose "Pop" from the drop-down list.

9) Add a Looks block next costume.

10) Try press the space key!

Create Your Own Sounds

If you feel the Sound Library short of choices, you can create your own sounds.

1) Under "Sprites", click "Sounds".

2) Click "Add Sound" at the bottom-left corner.

3) From the pop-up window, the top panel provides two options. Click "Upload" to upload your own audio file, or "Record" to record an audio file.

4) After adding the sound, you can edit the audio file in the following page.

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