Make Your Sprite Move

By using mBlock, you may find programming as simple as building blocks. Let's start from sprite programming.

1. Add a Sprite

(1) Click Sprites under the stage and click + to add a sprite.

The default sprite is Panda, and you can click × in the upper right corner of the sprite to delete it.

(2) Choose the sprite you want in the Sprite Library dialog box that appears and click OK. In this case, we choose Bee1.

(3) Bee1 appears on the stage.

2. Move the Sprite

Now, let's get the sprite moving.

(1) Drag the Events block when green flag clicked to the Scripts area.

(2) Drag the Motion block move ( ) steps and drop it under the current blocks.

(3) Click the green flag under the stage. Bee1 moves.

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