Version:mblock v5.0.0-RC

Tour of the Interface

Tool Bar

1.Menu: Menu is at the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you can create a new project, open a project from the computer, access help documents, exit the application, etc.

2.Language: You can change the language of mBlock 5 here.

3.My Projects: Click to go to "My Projects" page.

4.Title: Click to change the title of your working project.

5.Save: Click to save your project. You can either save directly, or save to your computer.

6.Sign up/Sign in: Click to sign up or sign in to mBlock.

Projects Management Page

My Projects: The projects you created are displayed here. You can create a new project by clicking "+".

Example Programs: A variety of sample programs are provided here.

Edit Page

Red: Stage Area
Blue: Blocks Area
Green: Scripts Area

  • Stage Area: You can present your designs, connect devices, set your sprites and backgrounds here.
  • Blocks Area: You can find the blocks you need by category and color in Blocks area.
  • Scripts Area: You can program in the Scripts area by dragging blocks to this area.

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