Version:mblock v5.0.0-beta.4

What is the mBlock 5?

The mBlock 5 is a versatile software tool for STEAM education. It is inspired by Scratch 3.0 and supports both graphical and textual programming languages. Up till now, nearly 5.5 million people have used the software as a tool to study, create and share. With mBlock 5, children are able to design engaging stories, games and animations, and program hardware devices like Makeblock robots and micro:bit. Also, mBlock 5 supports Python language so you can switch to Python mode simply with one-click. And there is another amazing thing about mBlock 5. It is equipped with AI and IoT features that allow children to have fun with some cutting-edge technologies.

mBlock 5:

• For PC (software required):


• For Web browsers (No software needed. You can program on the following website):


• For Android and iOS: Search for “mBlock” in any application store to download.

By signing in to mBlock, you can have your projects automatically stored in the cloud. Try syncing your projects across devices (PC, Web and mobile) now!

You can also go to our forum to join other users in discussions about mBlock 5. Visit the mBlock 5 forum: https://forum.makeblock.com/c/mblock

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