NovaPi is the new generation of main control board used in the MakeX Robotics Competition, featuring a high-performance M7 processor ATSAMS70N20A-AN and an STM32F030CCT6 coprocessor. There are five sensor interfaces, and six intelligent motor interfaces. The sensor interface uses serial communication, with 5V output. The motor interface also uses serial communication, with 12V output. NovaPi comes with a 6-axis sensor to measure both the acceleration and angular velocity of ratation in x, y, and z axes. NovaPi can also work with a power extension board to achieve more functions.


  • Dimensions: 85 mm × 56 mm × 13 mm
  • Working voltage: 6V - 13V
  • Operating current: 60mA
  • Communication interface: serial / mbuild

Use mBlock 5

Use mBlock 5 to program with NovaPi.

Firmware Update

1. Use a USB cable to connect NovaPi to the computer.

2. Open mBlock 5 and add Novapi from the Device Library. Then click Connect to connect your device. (You need to start mLink first if you use mBlock 5 on the web.)

3、Click Setting, and then click Firmware Update. Click Updates in the dialog box that appears.

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