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Software and versions supported: mBlock v5.0.0-beta.3.1

Neuron Projects

Projects Sharing

1. (Beginner) Start with the First Project—A Throbbing Red Heart

1) Connect the LED panel of Neuron.

2) Drag the block “when clicked” to the script area.

3) Then drag the following LED-panel blocks from the category Looks to form programs.

4) Click “when clicked”.

The images on the LED panel will be slightly different each time and finally form a throbbing red heart.

5) Of course, you can draw a new picture yourself, maybe a star or a snowflake.

Tips: By right-clicking the block, you can duplicate it; by right-clicking the empty area, you can clean up all the blocks.

6) Save your program.

7) Here comes the final step. Share what you’ve accomplished with friends!

2.(Beginner)Create Music—Play Music with the Buzzer

This project will help you use the Neuron buzzer to play sounds and create a piece of music.

1) We recommend that you use the following blocks to complete this project:

2) Start a new project and write a piece of code as shown below:

3) Select a note from the drop-down menu.

4) Complete your music. Follow the Tips above to duplicate the coding blocks.

5) Click the green flag to play the music. Listen! Which song is it?

Tips: You can change the speed of music by controlling the beats.

3. (Beginner)Musical Heartbeat—Parallel Programming

In mBlock 5, we line up the coding blocks to write a script. And Codey can run six scripts simultaneously at most.

The following programs make up two pieces of scripts. One script controls the LED panel to display a throbbing red heart while at the same time the other script manipulates the buzzer to hum a song.

Tips: You can use the “Forever”block to make a piece of code be repeatedly executed.

4. (Intermediate) Face Changing Show — Shaking the LED Panel

1)We recommend that you finish this project by using the following blocks:

2)If you want to change the images on the LED panel using the gyro sensor, then you have to put the “if/then”block in your code. When the conditional statement is true, the program will execute the inside coding block; however, when the conditional statement is false, the program will skip the inside block.

3)Write a program using the following blocks as shown below:

Once the gyro sensor senses any vibration, the LED panel will show a different image accordingly in time.

5. (Intermediate) A Panda is Counting Off—Communications Variables

Have the sprite panda tell the frequency of vibrations detected by the gyro sensor.

1) We recommend you finish the project by using the following blocks:

When the gyro sensor detects any vibration ( it can sense motions like shaking or tapping the table), the output value will be true. If the gyro sensor fails to detect any vibration, the output value will be false.

2) In this project, we use “variables” to empower the panda to report to us the frequency of vibrations detected by the gyro sensor.

Select the category “Variables” and click “create variable”. Then, create a new variable named “vibration frequency”.

3) Drag the following blocks to write a program as shown below:

4)Select the panda from the Sprites (of course you can choose another sprite if you want).

5)Use the “vibration variable” to make the panda report the frequency of vibrations detected by the gyro sensor.

6)Click the green flag . Then tap the table with your hands. See what happens?

Compete with friends: The winner will be the one that shakes the most within a specific period.

6. (Intermediate) Play music with Funny Touch—Interact with Sprites

The mBlock 5 has a Broadcast feature that enables Neuron to communicate with sprites. With the help of the Broadcast feature, you are empowered to complete your interactive projects:

1) Create a new message to achieve this effect: The sprite will broadcast a message “Blue” when the blue alligator clip of the Funny Touch is connected to the GND wire. Similarly, you can create three different messages “Yellow” “Red” and “Green”. In this way, you make the sprite broadcast a corresponding message when the alligator clip of a specific color is connected to the GND wire.

2) Click the Sprites tab to select another sprite. The new sprite will then appear in the Stage area.

You can delete the panda now.

3) Click the plus button “+” to add pieces of music.

4) Pick any sound you like. The following program is an example.

5) Click the green flag . See what happens?

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