After creating an extension, we could share our work to the community through its work page and the special topic page. We can make a homepage for our own extension. On the extension homepage, we can show more features and detailed introduction of the extension, while this can also help promote communication among the community, and gather all example projects made with this extension.

How to use the homepage

1. Create an extension in Extension Builder, and then create a project using the extension and share it in the mBlock community.

In this project, you can show more details about how to use the extension.

For example, after creating the extension called Music Player, I create a project using this extension and share it in the mBlock community.

2. Copy the URL address of your project to Plugin Homepage in Basic information of your extension as follows.

Then you can click Music Player on the extension to enter its homepage.

On the homepage, you can add pictures, videos, and instructions to demonstrate your extension. In addition, you can communicate with other users to collect feedback or suggestions for extension improvement.

Use the feature page


The "Curated Studio" is a place where you could have your project and extension more exposed to the public and viewed by the community member.


You only need to add your project link:


Build an mBlock extension, so you could

  • Open your extension directly in your web browser
  • You can share and extend your work to the mBlock community and interact with other users
  • You can share your work with your friends via your phone, and even show them it effects.
  • Run your extensions on mobile

You can also:

  • Support your own hardware with mBlock, which
    • could reach eight million users
    • have the mobility while coding with mobile
  • Develop richer use cases with official or other third-party extensions, and:
    • With Ai Services, give extensions more potentials.
    • Combine with hardware devices to enable more possibilities

More features are being developed to improve your programming experience.

We strive to make the best block programming platform for you.

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