If you download someone else's .mext file, or download those files from your extension builder account, how do you use the extension files on mBlock on your PC?

Let's take adding an extension for Arduino as an example.

1. Open the MBLOCK5 client

First, open your mBlock PC and click the "add" button:


2. Add device

Among the devices, find the Arduino device we want to add:


3. Drag the mext file into the mblock application

After adding the device, we know the mext files (. Mext files you get from the web or export from the extension designer) we want to import is called "2dimArray".


Drag and drop it into our mBlock app. When you drag and drop, the window will say "drag the file and drop here" :


4. Extend, add feedback

We drop the extension to the mBlock, then we will get notification saying the extension is loaded.


5. Opens an extended add window for the corresponding device

Next we open the extension center for the currently selected Arduino device and try to add our extension:


6. Add extensions

The extension has been added to mBlock. We can click

"add" to add this extension to our block panel:


7. Use extension blocks

Now the extension blocks have been successfully loaded in the panel, and we can use them for our amazing projects!


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